11 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Me (#4 comes with a shocking photo!)


Why have I decided to come up with this story? Because this is exactly the sort of thing I love reading about. Collections of fun, useless, random facts. I blame it on the Big Brother culture we live in – not my own voyeur tendencies, obviously.

My ego happens to be fairly modest (must be my good Catholic upbringing) so I won’t go all out, spilling the beans about family drama and parenting challenges (boring, boring). There has also been an effort to tie this story back to the overall theme of this blog. Which is not to say I have succeeded – who cares?

These are 11 surprising you didn’t know about me. Are you ready???

1. I currently own 18 pairs of leggings, 23 sports bras, 2 pairs of shorts and 43 sports tops. They are all absolutely necessary.

2. There’s a scar next to my tailbone.

That’s from when I accidentally ran into a glass door aged 9 at my aunt’s wedding, while chasing boys. This did not put me off running (or chasing boys).

3. I chipped my front teeth at PE class aged 11.

I thought it would be a good idea to close my eyes and chill while doing laps around the football pitch (who thinks this sort of thing???). Banging my face (teeth first) against a goal post forced me to open my eyes. This DID put me off running for the next 25 years.

4. I used to be heavy. Now I’m strong.

5. I don’t own scales and don’t know my weight.

And don’t give a sh*t.

6. I have a penchant for cheap sunnies, white tees and basket bags

And leggings, sports bras and sports tops – see #1.

7. There’s a taller, hotter, younger, cleverer version of me out there. 

She happens to be my sister. I pretend to have fun training kickboxing together so I have an excuse to throw punches at her (read about or London fitness takeover here: 2 Sisters, 4 Days, 6 Workouts ) 

8. I speak 4 languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Avocado (see my favourite spots for avo toast here: 3 Favourite Avocado Toasts in London)

9. I have no patience for parenting books, pretend play or puzzles.

I’ve decided this does not make me a bad mum (obviously I’m not reading the aforementioned parenting books).

1o. I don’t write about sex.

Unless it’s to discuss pelvic floor – which makes it totally appropriate. Ladies (specially mums): do your kegels.

11. I’m not really blonde. It’s the carotenes and Vitamin C in my diet.

Which one is your favourite random fact? Pools are officially open!

With love,

C xo

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