12 Days of Christmas – My Shopping List!


Mummy, what is a pre-Christmas Christmas present? Does that mean not getting presents for Christmas?

And so it begins.

Every trip to Tesco’s since before Halloween is a loud, red, bad milk chocolate covered reminder that Christmas is just around the corner.

Who am I fooling? I love that buzz of anticipation, OTT lights, November Christmas fairs and YES, the shopping.

(Just not 3 for 2 Quality Street deals.)

Shopping season officially started on the day I paid a visit to the Portuguese consulate in London. After 2 painful hours to register the birth of Miss B. I was ready for some window shopping. Like soooo ready that I could actually jump into the window.

(Context: said daughter is currently 4 years old. That’s how long it took me to muster the courage to deal with the unreasonable amount of the paperwork requirements and deep dive into public services realm. Don’t get me started.)

So when you walk into one of your favourite shops and realise they’re having a 25% off everything you know it’s a sign. The Black Friday, it’s almost Christmas, get-yourself-organised sign. Or in my case, you know what, it’s been a rough ride, buy the leggings.

It’s also a sign that it’s time to unveil the most waited Christmas wish list of the season.

*drums roll*

The Awesome That Fitster’s Christmas Wish List.

Christmas cheer, anyone?

Already a classic, up there with Oprah’s. Which does not feature any suggestions for your kids, hubbies or in-laws. I run a strictly self-gifting policy here ladies. So if you’re ready to some serious I’m worth it, I’m enough, etc. etc. pep talk, this is a good place to start.

These are my 12 Days of Christmas Wish List! No budget constraints? Go for an advent calendar approach. Also: do you need a new best friend? Call me.

1. Goldie birdie leggings

You knew this list had to start with leggings, right? My take on celebration leggings from my new favourite activewear destination: My Gym Wardrobe! The founder Jenny even goes out for drinks in these, just throw in a black blazer and heels. I’d probably stick to brunch (note to self: work on that attitude), but I can see the potential.

2. Life changing massage

I’ve been to the best facial of my life at The Gazelli House for my birthday. Now I want to go back for what is meant to be a life changing massage. Or so says my friend H. who’s logged in more massage hours in her life than I have Pilates classes. Or full fat, warm, single shot lattes. Make an occasion out of it and don’t rush – leave plenty of time to chill with some tea and a book. Warning: you may never want to leave.

3. Scents that make you happy

Neom, baby. Any day, anytime. But mostly in a candlelit bedroom. Your pre-sleep routine is key to getting a good night sleep and Neom’s 100% natural Scent to Sleep fits like an Egyptian cotton duvet cover. My absolute favourites are their Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist and the Intense Night Repair Body Oil.

4. Bad hair day fixer

Sweat, wash hair, must dash and collect offspring. Every day. Considering that a daily blow dry is off the books it’s nice to have a cute cover up for bad hair days. My current favourites are these pomp pom hats. If only I could justify one in every colour…

5. A trip to outer space

Without leaving the house. The answer? It doesn’t involve recreational drugs or actual spacesuits (I’m sure I’d look terrible in them). Spacemasks. The best stocking filler ever. You can even fit one inside the Merry Christmas card. Option 2: keep them all in your secret self love stash, next to the good chocolate. Find out more here: The Miracle For Your Best Night’s Sleep.  

6. Happiness Planner

They really nailed it with this babe. Starting with the genius name. The colours, the texture, the attention to detail – everything has been thought through. Glorious Instagram prop. But if you’re into to do lists, happy thoughts or personal goals, this planner is for you too.

7. Mission Possible Skincare

The face mask that puts fun into skincare – and just happens to make you instantly look like a million dollars, pounds euros, whatever your dream currency is (it’s rather confusing these days). The Dr Dennis Gross blue plastic-like layer covers your face like those masks from the movie and after 20 minutes you’ll emerge in Gigi Hadid-esque style. Ignore Parcel Pete ringing the doorbell with that Amazon delivery. Seriously.

8. Trainers to live in

These black leather trainers from Ash tick all the boxes. They look gorgeous and feel great. I’m ready to move on from my summery white trainers to something more in sync with longer, chilly nights. Maybe I could even take these out for Christmas drinks? With the goldie birdie leggings? Ok, too much.

9. Trainers to sweat in

APL is my new queen bee for burpees in style. Their Nude Cashmere babies top my festive feet list. Quick, before they sell out! Also loving the founder twin brothers Adam  and Ryan . Serious style envy.

10. Grow inches taller

It’s not high heels. It’s an osteopath. I started seeing one for a minor shoulder injury and never looked back. It started with healing a problem, now it’s about prevention. Which is the best medicine.

You’ll leave feeling like the tallest creature on Earth every time. Until you’re face to face with the unreasonably tall receptionist as you make your way out. Maybe I should have worn the high heels.

11. Go-with-everything hoodie

I love how mainstream clothes brands are making space for loungewear – aka I can’t be bothered with real clothes, can’t get away with lycra this time of day, so what’s the closest option? When I’m not in my gym kit I have been living in this warm, cosy grey hoodie from Baukjen. Even hubby has noticed (not a good thing).

12. Gut loving magic

Finally, if you can only focus on one thing to improve your health, it’s looking after your gut. With the page-turner book Be Good To Your Gut by Eve Kalinik, that’s going to be easier than you think. Packed full of inspiration, gorgeous photos, recipes and enough science to convince a skeptical, Eve’s first book will make you want to look after yourself. Even if your key learning is eat sauerkraut (and no, I don’t ferment my own).

So ladies, time to get your self love fix. Or your friend’s. It is Christmas after all.

Grab a cup of tea (red also totally acceptable), lie back and start getting in that Christmas mood (ie, clicking the purchase now button).

This list will clearly not solve your last minute shopping dilemmas. But seriously,  that would be like Christmas without the tree, baubles and bad mince pies. I promise that at the very least after a bit of shopping therapy you’ll face the challenges in a much more collected, confident way: new leggings effect!

What’s your favourite treat from the list?

With love, from my sofa,

Catarina xo

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