Calling All 30+ Ladies Who Want To Live To 106: 10 Things You Should Be Doing!


Picture this.

Everything is under control.    

*all laugh*

Deadlines nailed, supper is ready in the freezer and you fit perfectly into your favourite skinnies after 2 weeks of diligent intermittent fasting.

The kids don’t have runny noses, tonsillitis, blisters or broken hearts because so-and-so is being mean again. Their (spotless) uniforms are at-a-ready for the next school day. You’ve helped them with their homework (not that the little geniuses need it, it’s more for the fun of it) and on a perfect display of togetherness you’re sitting by the fire discussing the virtues of mystical beasts.

Free of worldly worries, you take notes on your gratitude journal. Time to slip under the duvet after your evening meditation for 8 hours of blissful beauty sleep.

I bet this sounds familiar.

*more laughing*

Now. Back to real life, ladies.

(No Gwyneth, I don’t mean you. Go back to steaming your lady parts.)

I’ve got nothing against having it all figured out, except it sounds terribly boring. In my absolutely imperfect and very real life, I cut corners, take the shortcut and always usually forget the canned food donations for the local church.

Just because I don’t have a personal chef and still don’t wear matching underwear doesn’t mean I can’t live an energy-packed life, have a strong, healthy body and glowing skin. If you’ve ever read my blog before you know this much.

I’m a believer in food as medicine, exercise for happiness and that age is just a number.

If you also have a very real life but still want to live it full-on, happy until 106, then what are the things to focus on? What should top the priority list? The crème de la crème of healthy tips?

To get even more to the point, what if you’re an awesome 30+ woman? How should age impact your health regime?

To find out I spoke with one of my favourite health experts, Kara Mia. She’s a naturopath, a gut health specialist, a taekwondo ninja (joking) and has a knack for keeping it real.

I also love the fact she has a 90-year-old dad who carries a walking stick with a 7 inches knife attached to it – in case a bear pops out (he lives in Canada, not central London).

So, are you 30+? These are the 10 Things You Should Focus On To Have A Healthy Life Until 106!

1. Take your supplements

 “I have a balanced diet, so why would I need to take any supplements? I had the exact same question for Kara Mia. But let’s face it: nowadays the soils are depleted, so our vegetables and fruits are lacking in nutrients. Minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, potentially we could all do with a top up. But don’t just go out throwing money away at the local natural remedies shop, consult an expert first to figure out what you need.

2. Eat more fermented foods

Sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi. Make sure they’re raw (you’ll find them in the refrigerated section). We lose gut health as we age and these millennia-old foods are packed with legions of good bacteria (probiotics) to top it up. Happy gut, happy life.

3. Avoid plastic bottled water

Most plastics release an estrogen-like chemical that can disrupt your body’s hormone balance. Kara Mia swears by her Berkey water filter so you can drink tap water absolutely nasties-free.

4. Be kinder to yourself

Stress is a killer, literally. The whole “I’m not good enough” chatter turns off apoptosis. I’ll explain. Apoptosis is a normal process that leads to programmed, desirable death of cells that are no longer needed – basically normal, civilised cleanup. When apoptosis is turned off, cells start to replicate inappropriately. Hi cancer, not good seeing you.

Also. Silly is the new happy. See below.

5. Learn to meditate

A great way to work on point 5 . Be more present and switch off that negative BS. Sceptical? Me too, until I actually tried it (this is what happened). Teach the kids and practice with them (#goals). Promise them they can get Ipad after that.

6. Avoid wheat and sugar

If you’re looking for the main food culprits, the bad bad guys, here they are. These foods lead to inflammation that leads to disease.

Gluten-free is hot but avoiding wheat is not necessarily about avoiding gluten (although I personally feel better without). It’s about avoiding the wheat germ agglutinates (inflammation buggers) that come with it.

7. Remove EMF frequencies from the bedroom

Sleep is the new black. EMF frequencies mess up with your sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Yep, this no means phones, tvs or laptops. Get an old school battery operated alarm clock. Or move to a desert island, wake up with the sunrise and sip coconut water all day. Want to know more? I’m working on a juicy, in-depth piece to release soon so keep an eye out!

8. Practice gratitude

Actively. Work on it. What are you grateful for today? The more you do it, the better it gets. Let go of the negatives and hang out where the good vibes live. Today I’m grateful for my healthy kids; for the friends I’m meeting up later for dinner; for my sore leg muscles screaming “you worked really hard yesterday babe, well done”. Talk to yourself, give it a go – what have you got to lose? I promise no-one is listening.

9. Detox once a year

Give your body a good chance to cleanse. Yes, we’ve got our liver but ladies, this amazing organ hasn’t had a chance yet to adapt to all the toxins that we (often unknowingly) expose our body to. Go for 3 to 7 days with a nasties-free regime – and look for professional advice beforehand. Here’s something for my 2018 wellbeing to-do list!

10. It takes a team

Surround yourself with a group of health experts. See them regularly, just like you check in with your hygienist twice a year. Even if you don’t feel “anything”, prevention is the best medicine. Sure, you can see your GP and run some tests. But in conventional medicine the cracks will only start to show when the problems are getting serious. Don’t wait for that. The starting point? Find a great naturopath.

On that note, I couldn’t recommend Kara Mia highly enough. She’s got the experience, the tools and is so much fun to hang out with. It’s like seeing a friend who also happens to be an expert in feeling better! Do you have a question? She has the answer (and it’s probably not what you’re expecting). Oh, and just say you’re coming from me to get 20% off your first appointment (you’re welcome). Find out more about Kara Mia’s practice here.

Kara Mia, the pocket rocket naturopath ninja!

For her top tips to keep a healthy gut, read my previous post here: 9 Expert Healthy Gut Tips at Neom Kings Road!

Getting ready for another super decade of feeling awesome? Me too. Just remember to touch base when you’re applying for your first Iron Woman. Because I may just be looking for a buddy.

With love and health,

C xo

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