4 Healthy Food Restaurants in Lisbon To Try Now !

Healthy Food

When in Lisbon, try a pastel de nata. Or three.

Move on to the next must-try bakery. Then there’s the new off-the-charts artisan bread place.

Next stop: H&M. To upgrade the wardrobe to the next size up.

Lisbon, the city of the seven hills, golden light and highest number of bakeries per capita.

Lisbon is home for a large chuck of summer. Come July it’s time for the big migration and I travel to Lisbon with the kids. Not that I’m complaining, I LOVE Lisbon. But it’s waaaaay too easy to pile up the pastries and have your waist expand to the size of a baby elephant’s.

I can still fit into my jeans, thank you very much. But it doesn’t just come naturally. I try to move and make smart food choices (try is the key word here). I’m also always looking for healthy food places where I can indulge guilt-free.

The good news? There’s now plenty to choose from.

People, Lisbon is the new San Francisco (or is it the new Barcelona?). With the entrepreneurs came the start-up incubators and lo and behold, healthy became mainstream. Hop on the beach shuttle to surf over lunch break followed by quinoa and avocado salad just before the digital networking conference.

Not exactly using bulletproof logic here, that would make for a far less interesting story. 

These are 4 Lisbon restaurants that will tick all the healthy food boxes and won’t leave you dreaming about warm custard pie (she says…):

I want to jump into this Nicolau spread RIGHT NOW

1. Nicolau

You’ll recognise the place from miles away because of the fun fun fun green grass covered walls. My favourite for healthy YUMMY breakfast and brunch. Think pancakes, acai bowls, eggs and green smoothies galore.

It can get really busy so get there early. I’d just move in. Simple.

Details here.

2. Despensa N6

Everything is gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free. If you’d told me years ago that a place like this would be opening in Lisbon I’d laugh at your crazy face and waved with a pastel de nata.

TOP TOP humus salad at Despenda N6

Go for lunch or afternoon snack.  My faves on the menu are the humus salad, the homemade ice tea and the raw cacao energy balls. Lovely interior design details, it’s a pleasure to hang out there.

Casually hanging out.

Find out more here. 

3. Organi Chiado

Amazing location. Bang in old Lisbon town centre but tucked away in a pretty, quiet pedestrian road. This is a place where both vegetarians and meat-eaters will feel happy.

Oh that rice bread…..

I could munch on that homemade rice bread with vegan spreads all day long. Grab some good company and a table outside for lunch. Organic ingredients and sugar free desserts. Book in advance, specially during the summer.

Details here.

4. Ao 26 Vegan Food Project

Time travel meets Instagram chic. The menu has vegan and vegetarian options – my favourite is the delicious beet burger. Don’t leave without trying the puddings (no sharing!).

Get That Beet On!!!

Not into plants? Try this place and expect to change your mind. Open for lunch and dinner.

Find out more here.

Bottom line (pun intended): long gone are the days when you had no choice but to eat cake all the way through Lisbon, dawn to dusk. Those were the days.

Lisbon is the new San Fran, thirties are the new twenties, healthy is the new black, quinoa is the new potato, avocado is the new toast, pastel de nata is the new pastel de nata.

Missing your workouts? Guess what? I’ve rounded up my favorite Lisbon sweaty spots for you, that’s how awesome I am: 3 Of The Best Fitness Classes In Lisbon!

Time for that pastel de nata (or three).

Laters, babes.

C xo

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