4 Moves to Tone The Butt – Home Workout With Natasha J Wood !


My goal for today?

To NOT make a complete fool of myself.

I like to set the bar really high.

Speaking of bar(re). When awesome barre babe, fitness and wellbeing coach extraordinaire Natasha Wood asks if you want to do a workout video with her, there’s only one answer. Anything to hang out with this girl.

What I didn’t factor in was how uncomfortable I would feel in front of a camera, more so when I’m wearing nothing but gym kit, enhancing all my hum *curves*.

The good news? Natasha is the opposite (also: #hairgoals #bumgoals #justgoals). Personal recommendation: totally ignore me and focus on her. Unless you’re into pathetic silly giggles (that would be me at the back).

Result: At Home Butt Workout!

Ladies, I give you a butt celebration, curve enhancer workout that you can do at home – zero gear needed, total burn guaranteed. Embrace those curves, gorgeous!

My finest queen Bey impersonation to date.


Natasha is one of my favourite fitness personas in the world – find out fun stuff about her on 10 Questions With Barre Babe Natasha Wood !

I can totally do this. NOT.

After this amazing on screen performance I’m not sure how likely is it that Natasha will ask me to be her guinea pig again –  the Universe will probably thank her for that. You can however feast on her many solo workout videos, subscribing to her You Tube Channel (that’s for free, ladies!).

Hope you enjoy the workout – give it a try and tell me what you think!

Lots of love,

C xo

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