The 4 reasons you must try “30 Day FAT BURN” with Davina!


She’s back and sweating it out in my living room! My 7 year old is joining the fun and guess what, hubby wants a piece of it as well! My girl crush Davina McCall brand new fitness DVD “30 Day FAT BURN” is out and is hot!!!

I’ve been in love with national treasure Davina since I met her at My EPIC Workout with Davina McCall and Polar A360 . She’s a real busy working mum, so fit and totally hilarious. She’s the kind of person you immediately want to adopt, her energy is contagious and it’s non stop fun! No wonder this is her 16th DVD and her legion of fans doesn’t stop growing. She’s the real deal, not a full time athlete or a 20 year old top model who’s got that metabolism in full throttle. Her workouts WORK for ME (and get me those Davina abs too)!

The 30 Day Fat Burn comes with a collection of 6 – 10 minute workouts performed together by Davina and Ed, her PT. You can pick and mix to burn fat and tone up. It includes HIIT, boxing moves, an abs only section, some toning moves with weights and a surprise…

These are the 4 reasons you must try Davina’s 30 Day Fat Burn:

1. THE BURN! It’s  bloody challenging, but achievable. Darling, you shall sweat. But you’ll be able to follow the routines easily, there are no gimmicks, simply no nonsense moves. I love it how Davina follows Ed smoothly but misses the odd jump too – just like I would do… She’s hilarious during the workouts and you know she’s feeling the burn just like you are!

2. Do it anywhere, no equipment required. Essential when you’re on the run or at home in a small living room. The only extra is a set of dumbbells (2kg or 3kg) and you’d probably like having a mat too.

3. Easy to follow 30 day workout calendar. Ed has laid out exactly what you should be doing when to maximise fat burn. The workouts get progressively more intense so you’re pushed outside your comfort zone – but you get rest days too (phew).

4. The buddy workout! The more I laugh, the more I love the workouts – and the more likely I am to do them again. So there I am jumping over a 7 year old doing a plank (I do recommend someone of similar build though…) and of course hubby needs to come over and show us how it’s really done (ever been there?)! We had a blast and squeezed in some sweat too – that’s a win-win people!!! It also stopped me from reaching for that beautiful eclair calling my name in kitchen…

A full 30 day programme? I know myself. I need to get my derriere down to actual classes so I don’t get bored. But I’ll be definitely squeezing in some quality Davina time once a week with my favourite workout combos – and more of that buddy action on the weekend!

Are you ready for 2017 already? This is a great way to burn off those mince pies and prosecco too 😉 Buy the DVD here and get started!

Much love,

C x

    1. Hi Hale, the answer depends on your personal goals. If you’d like to continue on fat burning mode for a while, I would go back to week 2 and start over. If you’re looking to maintain a steady, active regime I suggest 2 days “lite” workouts + 1 day HIIT + 1 rest day and so on. Hope this helps! C x

    1. Hi Lizzie

      Depends on what workouts you’re doing that day and things like your body weight, but on the most intense days expect to burn 300+. Get a fitness tracker if you’d like to be more accurate (I use polar A360).

      C x

      1. Im not the fittest person in the world but I love it. Have just started the third week and noticed a difference already. I just struggle on the days that it says HFB x 2 and UFB x 2 i have never been so worn out before. Im a stone down and got a stone to go to be pre-prgenancy weight so hoping this helps.

        I love Davina although I get a bit annoyed with how there is a lack of timing on the DVD especially on HFB workout. Scary feet move is awesome but I struggle to work out how long to do them for because Ed isn’t consistent with it.

        Apart from that its great.

        Not my first Davina work out DVD and certainly won’t be the last

        Emma x

        1. Hi Emma, thanks for sharing your experience. Being a mum and having struggled to go back to pre babies clothes I can appreciate what you’re going through. So glad you’re enjoying the DVD and keep up, you’re doing awesome!
          C x

  1. Hi! Thanks for such a thorough review. I’m totally new to the whole home workout thing but with 2 small children & a hubby that does shift work it’s a no brained really. I bought this on the sky store and have done two half hour sessions, loving it but because I don’t have the cover I’ve no idea of the 30 day plan?!! Could you shed any light please?!

    1. Hi Rachel,
      When you buy the dvd it comes with 6 different workouts and the actual 30 day plan. It details what workouts to do on what days, alternating between them and working your way up the length and intensity. Week 3 is the hardest, but you really start to see the results!
      Well done for starting to workout, I know how hard it is to make the time when you have little ones but it’s the best thing you can be doing for yourself and your family!

  2. Hi, I’ve just started this DVD I’m on day two! Woop woop! Just a little question regarding when the workout says x2, as on the hit fat burner there is an extra 5 minute workout you can add on, do you do this as well x2? Hope that makes sense!
    Also are you supposed to do the warm up and stretch every time? Just confused as it only lists the stretch on certain days.

    1. Hi Sophie!
      Well done for giving the DVD a go, it’s tough!
      Yes, I usually add the extra 5 minutes – unless I’m really tired, so I may add it only the first time around.But if you’re a workout beginner it’s ok to skip it and slowly build up.
      Always, always warm up! It’s key to prevent injuries. Davina says she doesn’t always stretch after the workouts. I always do unless I’m short for time. Think elongated, no bulky muscles! Hope this helps. Keep up!
      C x

  3. Hi i’m wondering what people are losing by doing the 30 day plan, just want an idea of what to expect. i havent changed my diet other than cutting out so many sweet treats. i would like to lose between 1/2 stone to a stone in this time….is it possible just doing the dvd? E x

    1. Hi Emma,
      The quick answer is probably not. Personal experience says that in 30 days only you’re more likely to feel the difference on your clothes than on the scales. Weight loss is 80% food, 20% exercise, so you probably need to take an extra look at the diet side of things (again, I would need to know more about your diet). BUT if you stick to the programme for longer and adopt a balanced diet (no draconian measures) you will find your happy weight.
      Hope this helps.
      C x

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