4 Socially Unacceptable and Lol Things You Only Do At Yoga


What are the first words that come to mind when you think of Yoga?

Stretching. Meditation. Dogs (the downward kind). (Impossible) handstands. Breathing.

What? FUN is not on your list?

Well, it wasn’t on my list either. Until the other day at the park, when I saw this lonesome guy trying to pull off some awkward yoga poses next to an abandoned kids picnic site.

“Man, this just doesn’t look right” – is what I thought. I knew  I was being judgemental, totally unfair and he’s free to do as he so chooses etc. etc. but I just couldn’t help it.

I get it. This is not about him, it’s about me. It’s a reflection of the way I feel about yoga and my own insecurities blah blah. True, I’m not one of the free spirited women who feels totally comfortable sticking my bum up towards the sky in public.

Unless it’s a yoga flash mob and we’re all doing it for the sake of World Yoga Day and we’re all happily sipping smoothies together on the green grass.

More to the point. This casual yoga encounter made me think about how weird it is lots of the stuff we do inside the yoga studio – and how it feels totally acceptable within those four walls. Take it outside and it’s just bonkers.

Bonkers is good.

This is not me making fun of Yoga. This is me having fun with Yoga. Because sometimes it feels just way too serious. We’ve got enough serious in real life and this right here people is just a blog.


These are the 4 socially unacceptable and (some) seriously LOL things that you can only pull off at Yoga.

Warning: you’ll never be able to walk into the studio with the same face again.

1. Sticking your bum out and up and calling it a dog

Nothing against dogs. Love dogs. But next time someone comes up with a name for a pose involving my bum, could we please make it more dignifying? Like a unicorn. Or a flamingo, if it must be an actual living creature. Thank you.

2. Sigh out loudly.

All together now. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

3. Flutter your lips.

Seriously liberating. It took me many, many classes to go with the flow on this one. Try it. Or watch the video and try not to laugh. Apparently also a great voice warm up.

4. Spreading your arms and legs out and do nothing.

Like the playing dead game, only performed by a room full of fully fledged adults. Awesome. It’s not often that my multitasking, go-getter, box-ticker brain gets a break. If I pulled this one off at home the kids would probably just jump on me checking for vitals.

I love my Yoga practice. My relationship with Yoga got off on a wrong foot, but I took another chance and got to know it better – then really became a cornerstone of my fitness regime (just keep an eye out for the 2 things that will make or break your yoga class !).

Dear Yoga: I’m thankful for the opportunity to do different things that may look silly but that feel awesome.

One thing is for sure. Next time I go in the yoga studio I’ll just visualise those lips. I’ll start LOL there and then. Probably they’ll kick me out and I’ll have to join the weird guy at the park. We’ll just look socially unacceptable in public together.

Just a pic of me looking silly in leggings – because why not?

Do something silly today gorgeous. #SillyIsTheNewHappy. 

With love,

C x

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