5 Reasons to love the handsome Polar A360 fitness tracker (#3 is the best!)


Introducing my new workout buddy: he’s clever, handsome and has never left me standing.  

The Polar A360. We’ve been going out for a few weeks and have fallen hard for each other (well, I speak for myself but I hope he feels the same way).

FullSizeRender (21)
Just hanging out

I’m the sort of anti-gadget girl. Everyone seems to be running listening to their Iphone with wireless headphones while streaming Spotify and keeping track of their stats with clever apps. I prefer to go old-school. I listen to my old Ipod (older than this and we’re talking walkman age!!!), even though there’s clearly something wrong with it –  it stops playing without warning and I’m left listening to my own breath while I furiously try to fix it. And I never know how far or how fast I’ve run, much to hubby’s disappointment (he’s slightly competitive and loves to compare stats).

So it’s fair to say I had low expectations when I was first introduced to my shiny new fitness tracker (find out how we met here). Oh, was I wrong…

Since we’ve met we have been to TRX, Pilates, running, spinning, yoga and even a night out. Yep, we’ve sweat a lot together (wait, was this a cheeky joke?!).

Going out for dinner
Going out for dinner

These are the 5 reasons why I love my Polar A360:

1. The design is great

Yes, I can be as shallow as a puddle. But if it doesn’t look good on me, I honestly don’t give it a second thought. The A360 also has cute interchangeable coloured wristbands. I have the white, green and pink and change them to match my mood or outfits (see! Shallow as a puddle).

2. The super friendly touch-screen

Great when you’re jogging and want to quickly check your stats (have I actually just written this?!). Super easy to scroll from checking your heart rate to reviewing the snapshot of your day.

Spinning just happened WOW!

3. It makes me move more – MAGIC!

Ah – well, not magic – MOTIVATION (there’s a bit of magic in it too).The Polar A360 lets you define your daily activity goals and it keeps track 24/7 of how far you’ve gone. Let’s say I’m having a lazy day (what?!). If by 5pm I’m only at 75% of my goal, I may squeeze in an evening jog and BOOM – 100% goal bzzzz (YES, it actually vibrates when you’ve reached your daily goal, I LOVE it!)

Daily Goals
Set your own activity goals

4. Techy alert! It keeps track of all the stats

Steps taken, distance, time and calories burnt. And it does it without the need to use those horribly uncomfortable chest monitors – it’s all measured through your wrist. The heart rate colour coding informs you instantly of how much you’re really putting in your workout – ie, maybe you could be pushing a bit harder, darling?!. Keeps track of sleeping patterns too, if that’s something you’re into. Sync your A360 with your laptop and keep a record of all your training results, so you can track progress. Hubby will be so impressed.

Workout Diary
Keep an online diary of your workouts!

5. You become part of an active COMMUNITY all over the world

Friend with benefits indeed. If you’re new to Polar, this is an amazing resource and gives you a great sense of belonging. I can actually zoom in online on my neighbourhood in Lisbon to find out that this guy Pedro has just completed 6.4km in 44’! Polar people, we’re everywhere! See you next time I’m over, buddy!

Just make sure you give your Polar A360 a bit of love too – remember to check the batteries, you may need to recharge it every couple of days. You don’t want to be about to start that crazy workout where you’re about to burn a zillion calories just to find out it’s not going on record! And when you swap wristbands, make sure your handsome baby is secure.

Getting cosy at TRX class

I may not have become the crazy-stats person. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever be that person; I believe that no number can really describe how you feel. But I’ll say that this lovely Polar affair is here for the long run.

You can find out more about the Polar A360 here!

Do you have a fitness tracker? Have you tried the Polar A360? What do you like about it?

C xoxo

  1. I loveee mine!! I used it day in day out for a good 2 months but I seem to have gotten out of the swing of going to the gym etc but reading this post has motivated me to fall in love with my polar A360 again

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