5 Reasons To Visit Sweaty Betty @ 1 Carnaby Street !


Ask me. Go on.

In my wildest dreams what would the perfect shopping destination look like?

Magnificent activewear that makes me feel like the lady boss;

Chances to sweat with the hottest names in London fitness;

Food. Delicious, nourishing, beautiful body fuel;

And all of that FOR FREE!

Ladies, fabulous news. The new Sweaty Betty flagship at 1 Carnaby Street has just opened its doors and it’s a fitster’s dream come true.

Ok, I lied on the for-free bit but they’re very good at taking credit cards.

The lovely shop assistant smiled excitedly as I walked in through the front door: “OOOOH I love this jacket, it’s my favourite!”. Well, when someone gets like this over my Keep Dry Luxe Jacket, you know you’re amongst like-minded people.

Sweaty Betty heaven

The fit squad. The sculpting leggings tribe. The girl power vibe. Three floors of awesome that will tick all your boxes.

Even the guys are wearing Sweaty Betty leggings. No joke #Respect.

The guy. In leggings. Respect. Also makes a mean matcha latte.

Ladies, deep dive into the Sweaty Betty life, no moderation required.

These are the 5 reasons to visit Sweaty Betty @ 1 Carnaby Street :

1. Sweaty Betty activewear collections galore

Forever and ever one of my favourite activewear brands, I’ve shared the love many times on the blog (checkout out this story). At 1 Carnaby you’ll find the latest and bestest kits. These camo zero gravity leggings and matching New Balance x SB trainers were giving me the look. I would have considered taking them home had it not been for the aforementioned recent jacket purchase (reality = boring).

Behind the scenes (someone told them I was coming)

Sweaty Betty is on the premium price range so sadly I can’t give in to all my heart’s desires, but the quality is top notch. Definitely worth the investment if you spend half your day in leggings (hands up anyone?). Or that’s what I keep telling myself. Camo leggings, don’t give up on me babes.

2. The Farm Girl Café

Unexpectedly colourful lattes, mean avocado toast, pink croissants and delicious salad bowls. Chill at the farm girl cafe at brunch, lunch, latte break and lunch again.

Light snack before class (???)

The vibe is hip and healthy millennial girls but fear not – even if you’re on the other side of thirties you’ll still blend in – just make sure you’re wearing (Sweaty Betty) leggings, trainers and pretend to scroll down through your Instagram feed.

LOVE the hanging garden @ The FarmGirl Cafe

By the way, the hanging garden is just soooo Instagrammable. Interior design kudos.  Which leads me to my next point:

3. The hanging chair

First floor, on the left. Love it, sit on it, take the picture. Entertain the thought of buying one for your own house for a full minute. Decide it would barely survive the kids for 2 days. Better to come back to Sweaty Betty instead. Seriously, the interior design details are so cool I could live here (only I’m not that cool, actually).

That hanging chair! Photo credits @ms.toni.jones

4. Blow Dry Bar by Duck & Dry

Drop in for that va va voom updo or glorious braid after your shopping spree and leave the front door feeling like a million dollars.

Wait, what am I saying?

Look, this is the part I don’t get. I don’t go out for a blow dry. Must be my guilty mum syndrome but I feel like it’s a waste of time. Braids? Heidi from the hills is not my look. And glitter roots? Really? Do you know how hard it is to wash off? Try doing it to a 3 year old after arts and crafts, then we’ll talk.

Pssst, ladies – don’t listen to her. Hair-challenged, that’s her real issue.

5. The Fitness STUDIO!!!

Apologies for the CAPITALS and triple exclamation marks, but sometimes a girl can’t hide her feelings. The lovely ladies at Sweaty Betty 1 Carnaby Street totally nailed this one.

The beautiful fitness studio – love the lights!

This is not a compromise attempt to use spare basement floor space to throw in some workouts for the sake of brand building. This is a built for purpose studio, with an exciting line up of the best group classes in the land.

A bunch of happy Sweaty Betties post class!

Every day of the week there’s a different studio takeover so lots of excuses to get sweaty with betty (ahah, joker).  There’s Paola’s BodyBarre (find out how barre changed my life and the 4 things I love about it here), Fight Klub, Frame, Gymclass, Equilibrium TRX and Yogarise for chilled Sundays. I went for the Model Method Monday for a mix of HIIT and Pilates with London Pilates queen Hollie Grant!  At £15 per class, it’s a sweet deal, ladies.

It’s a fully functioning fitness studio so expect the usual amenities: lockers (all named after strong women), towels and showers, complete with beautiful toiletries. Be ready for a friendly, warm welcome from lovely studio manager “this-is-the-dream-job” Ruth!

I recommend finding a quiet time in the day to visit, for as awesome as the space is the only downside is that it may be difficult to navigate during rush hour.

Girl power all the way with the Pilates PT founder Hollie Grant!

For all the store details, online class bookings and food menu check Sweaty Betty 1 Carnaby website here!

Have you been? What did you think?

Living the Sweaty Betty life, babes. Come on Betty, let’s get sweaty.

(It had to be said.)

Sending you lots of love,

C xo

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