5 Simple & Easy Things To Upgrade Your Autumn

  1. Chocolate;

  2. Chocolate;

  3. Don’t catch a cold;

  4. Don’t let the kids catch a cold;

  5. Chocolate.


Could this possibly be this the shortest post in the history of simple & easy things to upgrade your autumn posts? Is  my subconscious is trying to emulate my 7 year-old’s son prose?

Poor kid has given up on asking mum for help with his English homework: “how about you add an interesting adjective here, sweetheart?”

I respect my male offspring’s take on spelling sentences, I really do. He has his priorities straight (football, football, football), showers with an acceptable frequency and gives the warmest hugs upon request, without a fuss.

He is a simple, to-the-point creature. Autumn however, is very different animal. If seasons were animals, of course.

Autumn is transition and these can be tricky… My take? Slow it right down.

For a happy go-with-the-flow pace, it’s worth not leaving it all to chance. Otherwise it can be way too easy to give in to the doom and gloom of shorter, colder days.

These are 5 simple and easy things I have been doing to add more * insert happy emoji here* into my days this November.

Surprise: it does not include chocolate (only because it’s not season-specific).

1. Light it up

You can’t beat candles as the easiest, biggest bang-for-your-buck feel good seasonal addition. A burning flame has these awesome soothing, almost magical effects in any room. I love to light up a Neom candle ahead of going to bed but for the living room anything goes. It even makes the kids want to do their homework!

2. Spice it up

Curries. Crumbles. Anything and everything with warming spices, like turmeric, ginger and my Autumn favourite: cinnamon. Body and soul warmers. Ginger and turmeric have the added plus of preventing aforementioned colds. Check out my perfect turmeric latte recipe here for an extra special boost, yum!

(Ps. I’ve been feeling a bit of a sore throat for days and this latte has really helped).

3. Doodle away

What’s that one weird thing that makes you lose track of time? Probably something that engages your brain in a totally different way. Did you know that old school arts and crafts workshops like sewing, knitting or drawing are having a huge comeback (a bit like the Spice Girls)? The antidote to the always-on digital life takeover.

This may need some extra colouring, no?

Doodling is my bag, although I’m also partial to some modern calligraphy. Pick your poison, choose something you can do at home (probably setting up your own pottery studio is a no-no) and brush up your skills. Even better if you can get a buddy to join in with you (that cheeky birthday gift voucher she wasn’t expecting, right? ;).

4. Warm Yoga

Loving sweat after sunset (see what I’ve done here?!). Power Yoga in particular is the perfect combo: an actual strength workout that brings your pace right down.

Autumn is my favourite season to get cosy on the mat at The Power Yoga Company. There are a few challenging moves ahead of the final shavasana, that part when you lie down on the floor and do nothing, but I promise it’s all worth it. Even better: check out the schedule for their candlelight yoga classes.

5. Go (a bit) wild

No plant spirit whispering here, people. I’m not your hippy happy let’s-all-get-barefoot-and-forage kinda gal (check out my glamping fiasco story here). But there’s something very empowering about going out into nature and braving the elements – I always feel super energised afterwards. Which makes the lounging in your cosy XXL cashmere jumper even better, right?

Guess what? Science backs this up too. Pump up the good kind of oxygen into your cells and get you heart rate up with a brisk walk. Posture, ladies! Tuck the tailbone in and squeeze those abs while you’re at it for extra brownie points (the kind that’s good for your waistline). Even if you don’t live in a farm (*raises hand*) we’re spoilt for choice with awesome parks around London.

I love to listen to my playlist or a podcast – check out The Doctors Farmacy by Dr Mark Hyman for really useful, fun, intelligent content.

Ps. Don’t go if it’s pouring with rain/hail/snow or a mix of all three in quick succession. Real story. Check out my perfect (not) marathon adventure.

All of the above are better with… chocolate ;). Preferably hot. Maybe just not during that downward dog?  What are your favourite Autumn musings? Please share on the comments box below!

With love,

Catarina xo

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