5 Things I Couldn’t Achieve During The Summer Holidays ;)


Kids summer holidays. We have migrated from London to Lisbon for the season and gosh I do love this city. Then there’s the chill factor, of course. No alarm clock ringing, after school activities, only days of blissful outdoors play.

Finally I have time to devote to those things on my to list that have been waiting for this moment to unfold.

Or not.

I love the fact that I don’t have to set up the alarm in the morning (although I often still do – more on that later) and I‘m so grateful to see the kids’ happy faces with the absence of teeth brushing routines. However…

Here are 5 things that I did think I would be doing but have until now completely failed to do:

  1. Writing lots of blog posts so that I would have a complete content library to publish for the next six months. Reality: this is the first one of the holidays.
  2. Make the most of the fresh produce in the Lisbon markets and take my healthy food regime to the next level. Once I’m done with the local carbfest, of course.
  3. Focus on the present moment. Focus on the present moment. Focus on the present moment.
  4. Progress on writing my novel. In my head it’s so much fun. Now I just need to sit down and get on with typing. Right.
  5. Print out current family photos to replace old ones and use actual picture frames.

On the other hand, here’s a few unexpected things that I did achieve during my holidays, despite what the season let’s-all-be-happy-and-forget-our-worries rules tell us:

  • Setting up my alarm in the morning (too) often. Partly self-inflicted and unnecessary. This included workouts (perfectly reasonable) but I also recall one occasion that it was just a reminder to pay for that day’s car park. Pathetic.
  • Stressing over stuff that I have little control over but that still drives me crazy. Result: a couple of sleepless nights. Talking of holiday beauty sleep, hey?
  • Continue to relentlessly try to maintain a tidy home despite the fact that the art and crafts material that seems to emerge out of nowhere like crazy aliens trying to take over the flat (or maybe it was because of that last trip to Wilco before leaving to Lisbon?)

Before you think I’m that person who only sees the negative side of things (and who never gets asked out for drinks, including mum’s night out), here are a few things I did achieve and that I’m actually proud of:

  • I helped my children to “make memories” by buying them a XL float the shape of a berry milkshake.
  • Had a facial with a Japanese facialist visiting from Kyoto. And they said fairies don’t exist.
  • Spent time with the people I love and who I don’t get to see half as often as I would have liked.
  • I went for brunch at Fauna e Flora and had the most amazing, delicious pancakes in Lisbon (that’s where I took the mouthwatering photo, if you’re wondering).
  • I did drink my green smoothie in the morning (sometimes) and kept my body moving with some kickboxing at Academia Kolmachine and the occasional 3 minute morning workout (!).
  • Went out with hubby and the kids for mornings at the beach, collecting shells, followed by lovely lunches of clams and real chips.
  • “Wasted” a whole morning in Pjs, me and the kids, letting them make a mess of the flat, toys and crayons all over the shop.
  • I finally binned the CD the kids insist on playing but that I hate.
  • I wrote this piece. And it felt really good.

Reality is that don’t have an ON/OFF switch as far as holidays go. If someone has nailed this please email me urgently. I’ll be just there typing the final chapter of my next best seller, Aperol-spritz next to the laptop and the 3 offspring shouting some version of “mummy she stole my float!”.

If you’re interested on a few helpful tips to stay healthy during the summer check out Going Away on Holidays? Read My Top 3 Tips to Stay Healthy (yeah the title does give away a bit).

I’m soooo looking forward to a family trip to Azores later this month! I’ve planned most of the two week island hopping myself and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I haven’t forgotten anything. Like the flights back home. I have promised myself and my big girl C. we’d be keeping a diary of the trip – let’s see how this one goes… Keep your eyes peeled on my Insta!

Happy Summer everyone!

C xo

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