9 Bombastic Health & Fitness Resolutions for September (#5 is super fun!)

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Have you set any health & fitness resolutions this month?

Forget cold, depressing January – September is my favourite time of year for new beginnings!

Summer holidays meant you had that time off to think about what you want to be doing more/less of. Kids are back at school (*does happy dance*) so you actually get a chance to put those ideas into practice. There’s Summer glow left in those legs and freckles and days are still long = more happiness endorphins to get good habits going!

This year I’ve decided I’m actually writing down and sharing my resolutions, which comes with the double-hedged sword of making me accountable (yikes).

Imagine bumping into your friend and she goes:

– So how are you getting on with making the world a better place one bunch of organic kale at a time?

– Hum. Right. I’ve decided to keep that kale in the freezer until I’m done polishing my crystals.

Uncool. And I don’t have any crystals.

These are my absolutely bombastic, life-changing, mind-blowing Health & Fitness Resolutions starting this September, how I’m going to do it and how hard I expect them to be:

1. Get more inventive in the kitchen. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and your body really benefits from changing up your foods. It’s also boring to always eat the same stuff.

How: Choose 2 new recipes per month (an updated version of healthy chocolate chip cookies does not count).

Difficulty level: 4/10

2. Upgrade the kids’ breakfast. Less sugary cereals, more nutrient-dense foods (eggs, avocado, smoothies).

How: Introduce a no-cereals breakfast morning during the week and ban them from the weekend.

Difficulty level: 8/10 . Success will depend on the child and my mood in the morning.

3. Try new fitness classes. Keep your body guessing and have more fun!

How: Choose a new class each month, book in advance and don’t cancel! This month I want to try Xtend Barre!

Difficulty level: 7/10

4. (Re)Organise the pantry. I love a bit of order in shiny glass jars. There’s something really therapeutic about this (hey, you gotta do what rocks your boat). Main goal: keep all the good stuff where I can reach it.

How: Visualise the end result. Set aside a good few, undisturbed hours. Take it all out. Pick, choose, bin. Put it all back in. I helps to buy a variety of pretty jars beforehand.

Difficulty level: 4/10.

5. Do some fitness thing with hubby. It’s great fun to do do something together – that’s what memories are made of. Last year we ran the Zurich marathon and it’s a weekend I’ll never forget…

How: Choose a challenge you’re both comfortable with and book it in the diary – even if it’s months away! It looks like it’s a duathlon this year.

Difficulty level: 1/10. I mean booking it. Not the actual doing it. 

6. Walk more. There’s no easier way of staying active without realising it. Save the planet, save on petrol, support sustainability and all those good things.

How: Build it into your daily routine. I’m now leaving the car at home and walking for all the morning school runs. Consider what works for you and give it a try.

Difficulty level: 2/10 . Will quickly become 8/10 when it’s cold and miserable.

7. Workout 5 times a week. Sweat as often as you can. Something I’m getting back to after the holiday break – and enjoying!

How: Read my tips here on how to start working out and how to plan a week of workouts

Difficulty level: 6/10. The endorphin kick keeps it going though!

8. Publish the amazing “That Fitster’s Happy & Healthy Living Guide to get to 106”. The ultimate go-to resource for real women on the other best side of 35 who want to become the strongest, most gorgeous and healthy version of themselves!

How: I have no idea. But I’m open to suggestions.

Difficulty level: see above.

9. Smile often. Don’t underestimate the effect it can have on you and others. It’s also great to keep those face muscles toned.

How: Pretty self-explanatory.

Difficulty level: 3/10. The challenge is to not forget it, specially when you’re busy getting stuff done. Or going mad encouraging the kids to get dressed in the morning.

Define a balanced mix of quick-wins and more challenging resolutions to keep you motivated. Setting a specific measurable goal against it also helps.

This should be enough to keep me busy, no?! I think I’ll stop writing now. Otherwise the reality check becomes too embarrassing. I can always blame it on the crystals.

Have you set any resolutions this month?? I’d love to hear about them!

Wishing you a fabulous fresh start this September!!!

C xoxo

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