9 Expert Healthy Gut Tips at Neom Kings Road !

Healthy Food

Are you eating okra? Is fasting really good for you? Do probiotics work?

Burning questions, a bunch of inquisitive ladies and a ninja naturopath. All brought together by Neom Organics at their Kings Road Wellbeing School.

You could have thought that the lovely Neom store is an unexpected place to talk about what happens to food when it gets churned down under. The home of scents that make you feel good, how does that have anything to do with kimchi?

A lot, actually.

Neom Organics is on a serious wellbeing mission, ladies.  Their 100% natural, organic products get under my skin, into my head and puffff : magic. I’m another person .

If you’ve ever tried any of their oils, sprays, creams, you know it works. They help with stress, energy, sleep and lift your mood. There’s even one that smells of avocado toast (joking)!

Kara Mia Vernon in action!

We’re finding out that the gut is the last, uncharted frontier when it comes to disease prevention, stress management, energy levels and long lasting health.

So of course that when you look at wellbeing in a holistic way, it makes total sense for Neom to host an evening to explore how to feel better from the inside. Literally.

Neom Mantra !

Cue in the Gut Health Expert!

The star of the show award has to go to our amazing expert Kara Mia Vernon. Trained in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Colon Hydrotherapy, EFT, Matrix re-imprinting, Massage and Bio-Resonance Health (phew, that’s it), if you have a question, she’s got an answer.

Even if it’s about colonics. I don’t know, how but she makes it funny (promise).

It must have been really funny :))))

These are the 9 Gut Health Top Tips I learned from Kara at Neom Kings Road:

1. Key food rules: (1) avoid wheat, (2) cut sugars and (3) eat as many vegetables as you possibly can. Simple, right? Easy, peasy? Not really. My top tip to stepchange your green intake? Swap the toast for a green smoothie at brekkie. I love this Green Goodness-Me Smoothie Recipe (but then I’m biased, since I created it…)

2. Try okra, also known as lady fingers. Don’t know what it is? Neither did I. Amazing source of insoluble fibre.

3. Fasting is good for you. The most extreme version is to eat only in a 2 hour window, but that’s not really going to work is it?

4. 13 hours of intermittent fasting. That’s the magic number. Leaving a 13 hour gap between your last meal of the day and the first meal on the next seems to be the sweet spot to reap the most benefits, including lower blood pressure, reduced markers of inflammation and weight management.

5. Myth buster: breakfast doesn’t have to be the main meal of the day. Eat when you’re hungry.

Love Neom Kings Road …

6. Avoid snacking. This constant grazing isn’t doing you any favours. Damn.

7. Take probiotics 6 months a year. Great to see your immune system through the colder months. Go for those you keep in the fridge and spend as much as you can afford – with these little soldiers you do get what you pay for. Oh, forget the little Yakult bottles – sugar bomb alert (no wonder the kids are addicted!).

8. We did talk about poo. Since I can’t do it with the same grace as Kara I’ve decided to skip this part. I’ll just say frequency is king and colonics is a thing.

9. Fermented foods are awesome. Try bonding over kimchi – Kara even brought some of her personal stash! Me, I was going for the sauerkraut the next day.

That kimchi!

Kara is my kind of walking, living encyclopedia. My healthy food geek persona would have loved to have held her hostage and pick her brain on all things health and food. Sadly, the lovely team at Neom had to close the doors and kindly send me home (with a lovely goodie bag too – thank you!).

Want to take part on the next Wellbeing event at Neom Kings Road? Just pop in-store and sign up, it’s free 🙂

Event or not, a visit to their beautiful store is a must. The minute you walk in you’re wrapped around those amazing scents. Warning: you may never want to leave. My favourite range is Scent to Sleep , I’m totally addicted to their Perfect Night Sleep Pillow Mist – the kids love it too!

If you’re lucky you’ll even get to meet Kara and ask her your own burning questions! Find out more about her, her London practice and how she can help you get on top of your (health) game on her website Embracing Health . Colonics totally optional (thank God!).

Time for one more pic!

Do you have any gut health tips you’d like to share? What works for you? Please fill in the comments box below, I so love to hear it!

Sending you lots of love,

C xo

Ps. Sorry for the prolonged blogging silence, when real life kicks in something has to give! I’m so thrilled to be back!

  1. I have a question about rationale for avoiding wheat. Only some people are gluten intolerant (coeliac), and some people may be sensitive to gluten. Is this a move just to increase veg intake? Because there is definitely nothing inherantly wrong with good wholehrain wheat as far As I can see?

    1. Hi Ele, thanks for a great question. I absolutely agree with you. Whilst I eat mostly gluten free (because my tummy just feels happier), I love a good, authentic wholegrain sourdough bread and would not live without it!So nothing wrong with some quality wholegrains, if your body agrees with it.

      The reason why Kara recommends to avoid wheat does not have to do with gluten, but with wheat germ agglutinin. This compound present in wheat can lead to inflammation, which in turn leads to all kinds of diseases.

      Hope this helps!

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