In Bed With Carly Rowena and The Sleep Coach – 5 Surprising Things I Learned About Sleep!


You get that this is a metaphor, right? Apologies to disappoint, but if you were lured to this page hoping for a hot low down on spooning techniques (!) , it ain’t gonna happen.

For the record, I did share a single bed with Carly for the duration of this photoshoot though (that’s some solid 20 seconds). No spooning involved.

Sleep is the new black and we’re not getting enough of it.

Modern life is to blame. We’re always ON. On Facetime while we finish dinner. On Insta stories while we workout (guilty). Cramming the diaries with events because FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a thing).

Our brains have too many tabs open. Even when you’re finally faced with the opportunity to jump under the duvet, you struggle to switch off.

Any of this sounds familiar? Then this story is for you.

When This Works, one of my favourite skincare and fragrance brands invited me to join an evening to talk ZZZ with elite sports sleep coach Nick Littlehales and lovely Insta sensation personal trainer Carly Rowena, I jumped on the bed pronto.

Nick Littlehales aka The Sleep Coach and Carly Rowena (whatever they were saying, it must have been fun!)

There was wine (Carly definitely had some vino, bless her she’s human), goodie bags filled with This Works sleep inducing accessories and a live demo of how to sleep better performed by the sleep coach himself. For real – check the video. It was FUN.

Nick goes into all the science and practicalities of getting the best quality sleep in his book, interestingly called Sleep (duh). Coming from a guy who’s the sleep coach to Team Sky cyclists and Olympic gold medallists, he knows his stuff. It was great to listen to Carly describe in very practical terms how Nick helped her change her routines so she could get the most out of her day.

These were the 5 surprising things I learned about sleep:

1. Quality over quantity.

Aim for quality sleep hours instead of tossing and turning under the sheets thinking of the to-do list. This could mean staying up until later and jumping in bed when you’re actually going to snooze.

2. You don’t need to obsess over 8 hours sleep every night.

Leaving the party early to get that zzz on? Nope. Enjoy those drinks, people. Think of total sleep hours on a weekly basis. Most people perform best with 35 cycles of 90 minutes per week. What’s with the sleep cycles? Read Nick’s book. He’ll explain much better than me.

3. Take naps – but you don’t need to actually sleep!

In fact, don’t even call them naps. Nick calls them “Controlled Recovery Period”. This could be an actual nap or simply 30 minutes disconnecting from the world (meditate, go for a walk). Taking a break between 1pm-3pm is the best way to complement your night time sleep.

4. Pre and post sleep routines are key

This includes banning electronics from the bedroom, taking your time to actually wake up in the morning and declutter your mind before going to bed. I love to use This Works pillow spray and slather relaxing oils all over – it’s a miracle I actually never slid out of bed.

The This Works sleep arsenal!

5. Some people are just night owls. Others are larks. It’s genetics.

Just roll with it. Know your chronotype – are you a morning or evening person? That will determine the best times of day to perform certain tasks, such as working out or preparing a great new biz pitch. I’m more of a morning creature. But first, coffee.

Bottom line, if you don’t snooze, you’ll lose. Go on, if the sleep coach says so, what more excuses do you need?

This pretty much sums it up

Ladies, hibernation season is clearly upon us, considering the amount of chill-related posts I’ve been publishing: talking Spacemasks and Meditation? It doesn’t get much more zzz than that.

What are your top tips to chill-out zone? Share in the comments box below, I love to hear from you!

With lots of love,

C xo

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