Why Boxing is the New New Thing – Kobox Review

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Are you looking to add some seriously fun cardio into your life?

Do you like the feeling of getting into that “zone”, when it’s just about you, black lights, a great soundtrack and – OMG, time has just flown by! Then try boxing. At Kobox.

If the thought of boxing makes you scared, don’t be.

I was. And I’m here to tell you it will be fine. More than fine – it will be a tremendous, super fabulous BLAST.

(Now, that’s quite a lot of adjectives, darling. Maybe play it down a bit? It’s not like you have any money on this.)

I had had a taste of what boxing looked like a while back, when I tried some one-on-one kickboxing sessions (but that’s a topic for another day; boxing and kickboxing on the same post seemed a bit OOT fight club mode, no?!). But I wasn’t sure what to expect from a boxing group session that promises a “fight club meets nightclub” vibe.

So it was with mixed feelings of “oh this is going to be exciting” and “what the hell am I actually paying to get into?!” that me and my friend H. arrived at Kobox on the Kings Road on a Saturday morning a couple of months ago.

And it all looked really civilised, actually. Well, I suppose it is the Kings Road after all. Friendly staff at the reception desk check you in, talk you through the ins and outs of lockers, gloves and you even can pre-order a smoothie from the bar. They also explain that when you do get punched bang on the face, blood dripping from your nose et all the insurance covers for any medical costs, which was really reassuring.

(Ok, so this last bit was a joke).

My friend and I sat at the table catching up on the latest gossip and food regime experiments and life was good. Suddenly, the studio doors opened after the end of the class and they started to emerge. The women and men who had just been treated to their fair share of fight club. They did not look pretty. Now I wasn’t so sure about this.

So, how does the boxing session work?

The classes have about 20 people and you’ll be taken through rounds “on the wall” and “at the bag” (that’s the actual punch bag). You’ll rotate from your “station” at the wall to the bag, alternating between no-nonsense HIIT exercises to sequences of bag-punching. Never a chance to get bored, as you’ll rotate every few minutes.

The Wall and the Bag!
The Wall and the Bag!

The rounds on the wall are gruelling. Jump-squats, burpees, push-ups, commandos and everything in between. Do what you can and live to box another day. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Now, punching the bag is a completely different matter. It may be the best thing since avo toast. Really. Doesn’t feel like a “workout” at all. It’s your break from serious, boredom and mundane. You’re actually expected to punch. Where else in this politically-correct-lets-all-be-friends place do you get that?!

It’s not about playing baddies. It’s about letting go.

(This one was a bit cheesy, no?!)

The instructor will talk you the technicalities of the different punches, so you don’t need to worry about not knowing the boxing jargon. Sometimes the punching sequences are tricky – ie, wtf am I actually supposed to be doing?! Don’t worry. Just keep punching and try your best to copy the girl in front of you (unless that girl is me, in which case you’d better copy someone else).

It’s dark in the studio, UV lights shine on the neon tops and trainers. So if you like a bit of activewear action (me), bring your brightest gear – unless you’d rather go unnoticed, which is good too.

That cheek “I did it” pic, with awesome instructor Jay Brown

The soundtrack is non-stop loud and fun – it really does feel like you are down at the club on a Friday night. Great fix for a mum of 3 who’s knackered by 10pm.

Expect to be drenched in sweat. 

The instructors keep the energy high and the heart pumping. And they are great at it. They also swear.

What about the results?

By the end of it – Wow, you will feel awesome. It’s that immediate satisfaction. An endorphin-induced high that will make you feel on top of the world and will keep you coming back.

Amazing for stress relief.

And it will help you to look good naked too. After only a few sessions I felt stronger and leaner. Unsurprisingly, I could really tell the difference in my arms.

Kobox runs classes that focus on different areas of the body throughout the week (upper body, lower body, full body and so on). Weekend classes get fully booked, so be quick if that’s when you want your slot (you can book 7 days in advance).

Smoothies at the bar are delicious and made fresh just for you. They are pricey, but try them at least once – I’ve known a couple of girls who travel (and box) just to indulge afterwards. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Check their website and book your class here . They have a special deal for first-timers of £25 for 2 sessions.

Hope this has inspired you to give it a go. Get down there, live to tell and report back – I’ll love to hear from you!

C xoxo

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