5 Things I’ve learned on my City Run with FitBit Ionic!


What do you do when you’ve committed to join a group run but… haven’t worn your running shoes for months?

Option 1: U turn; that gastropub you walked past smelled delicious (probably the double cooked chips)

Option 2: Lie. Twisted ankle. Period pains. Broken heart.

Option 3: Blend in. Hope for the best.

Me? You can probably make a wild guess. What is it they say? Fake it till you make it.

On that note:

It’s the first FitBit City Run and I’ve got this!

(Or do I?)

Starting line: Tower Bridge.

Meet the legend: Greg Whyte.

Can I just start by saying how amazing it is that I got a chance to listen to this guy? The FitBit Ambassador and Olympian in modern pentathlon Professor Greg Whyte gave a Q&A before the run and man, does he know his stuff; it was mind blowing. We talked carbs before a workout, toughest challenges and the biggest fitness mistake he sees people do (more on this later).

With the legend himself – soz for the very sweaty pic

The crowd was pretty diverse – phew, what a relief. Not everyone looks like a personal trainer, 8-pack and glutes of steel included. Bonus: we’re all wearing the same FitBit tees. Maybe I’ll get to blend in after all?

The geek kit: FitBit Ionic

Remember when James Bond meets Q for a top up of the bestest, most bad-ass gadgets to help save the world/girl/suitcase full of secret agents lists? It’s like that, only we’re all wearing lycra.

Doesn’t it look super clever?

The crowd of keen city runners are fitted with the Fitbit Ionic. With this baby on my wrist I almost feel like Wonder Woman. Now let’s take it on a test drive…

City Run, here we go!

Covering all the main City landmarks, we went up, down and across the Thames, dodging commuters, waving and shouting “Fit-Bit-RUUUUN!!!” to please the crowds! Stopping by a green area overlooking Tower Bridge, our team of running wizards (significantly sweatier than 20 minutes ago) took a break to check in with our FitBits and squeeze in a full body Adidas 10 minute workout, led by Greg-the-master-Whyte.

On the run the way back we even passed by the glorious Golden Hind Pirate Ship, which I had never actually seen in my 10+ years of living in London – talking about sightseeing meets getting stronger!

Brownie points if you can spot me…

These are the 5 things coming out of my City Run with FitBit:

1. Running is not just about running. Mix up your training to strengthen your core and legs to avoid injuries and max out your performance (did I just say that?). Those people running like they’re looking for the missing keys on the floor? Not a good look.

This is what saved me, actually. Even though I had not run for months, the fact that had been doing my regular Reformer Pilates classes, TRX and spin meant I did hit the ground running and was not (always…) at the back. My legs still remembered that 6k run for days though…

2. It’s a lot easier to run as part of a group. Just chase the guy in the front. Chat to the girl next to you. If everyone else is doing it, then you can do it too (really, she says?)…. Note to self: do more of it!

3. However. It’s a lot harder to run when you’re constantly racing past pubs. That smell of chips. Burgers. Hot buns. Pit stop, anyone?

4. Take your REST seriously. The mistake Greg sees more often when getting ready for any fitness challenge is instead of giving your body a break at the right times, you just keep pushing and end up burned out before you even start! This includes lighter (not tougher) training sessions just before the big day and (you’re going to love this one) making time for quality sleep.

5. Break it up for extra fun. I used to face my jog as get in, get it done, get out. I’ve realised that if you have a proper break halfway through and squeeze in a mini workout time flies by quicker.

That’s where the Fitbit Ionic is so brilliant. It comes lots of exclusive Adidas workouts which you can follow on a proper-sized screen. Just pick a 10 minute sesh, follow the easy instructions and BOOM! That’s on top of doing everything else FitBit has already got us used to, like clever tracking of your daily steps, workout burn, heart rate, distance and delivering perfectly baked scones.

For the amateur athlete, the main take away from today is to mix it up. If you’re out of ideas, don’t know where to start or keep repeating the same routines, well, something like the FitiBit Ionic really can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Now, did someone mention chips, burger and hot buns?

For all the details on the FitBit Ionic, check here. And if you’d like master expert tips on how to get more value from your sleep, check out In Bed With Carly Rowena and The Sleep Coach ;).

Sending you lots of love good people! Get out and jog.

Catarina xo

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