Crazy Food Facts And A (Primal Pantry) Woman on a Mission!

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How many processed foods do you eat a day? Think about it for a sec.

A cereal bowl for breakfast. Maybe some crisps at lunch time. A muffin around 4pm. Ok, so maybe 3-4 things. But yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Only it probably isn’t. Sorry, people.

Did you know that the average Brit estimates they consume only TWO processed foods a day, while we’re really consuming TWENTY THREE?

A recent study by The Primal Pantry, a natural snack bar (really, really) made from 100% real food, laid bare some crazy facts about our food habits.

Let’s take a closer look. 58% of the 2,000 respondents thought white bread was made from all natural ingredients; 33% of us don’t know the meaning of processed food. My personal favourite crazy fact (I know, I love my stats – geek)? 68% said they had been duped into buying low fat “healthy” products only to later find out they’re full of sugar and additives (read my interview with Eat Fat Get Thing Bestseller Author to get behind the myths).

Well ladies, they’re not fooling Primal Suzie. Oh no. She’s on it – and she means business.

I met the nutritionist and mum-preneur founder of The Primal Pantry and I tell you: this is a woman on a mission. Watch how she totally rules it on this video and you’ll know what I’m talking about… (extra brownie points if you can spot me!).


I’m fascinated by the stories of everyday women who take the plunge, leave their day jobs and start up their own business – especially they’re driven by a real passion for delicious healthy food.

That’s Suzie. She’s fixing the processed food epidemic, one delicious, real food snack bar at a time.

Primal Suzie – A Real Life, Real Food Superhero!

I’m thrilled that I got to pick her brains on for an exclusive Q&A – no more stats I promise!!! She talks work-life balance, the foods she would take to a desert island and top tips to get your kids eating healthy!

Over to Suzie!

I was shocked with some of the stats coming out of your survey! What surprised you the most?

I was definitely most shocked by the many people that were not aware of what they we actually eating and what was in their food, especially products from some of the big brands.  We do know that many shoppers are now starting to look at the ingredients in food.  But many are still misled by the marketing claims and one thing the survey did show was that consumers are confused, very confused.

You’re very passionate about “real food”. Where does that come from?

After I left Innocent drinks – I trained in Nutritional Therapy, this really opened my eyes to using food to fuel your body and the importance on the quality of that food. I was shocked how much out there (especially packaged food) contains ingredients which our bodies can’t recognise.

You’ll recognise ALL the (few) ingredients that go into a Primal Pantry bar

When working with clients, I worked with a range of ailments (stress, fatigue, fertility, weight management, digestive disorders), with a real focus on cleaning up the diet, removing processed foods, refined sugars, trans fats, irritative foods such as wheat, gluten, dairy and soy, ultimately what we ended up with a Primal/Paleo diet.  Which has a strong focus on real food.  The results were astounding, incredible in fact.

How do you keep a balance between running a startup and having time for yourself and your family?  

It is challenging, now that we have an office it does help to provide that separation between work and home which is great.  It therefore allows me to shut off when I get home (from work related aspects of the day).

As the team have grown it has freed up my weekends (previously attending events and trade shows) to spend with my family.  It is manageable but challenging. There are definitely not enough hours in the day or working days in the week for that matter.

What’s your favourite workout?

I like a good HIT strength training workout, this is based on focusing on some key muscle groups, short and heavy exercises.  I confess I am not a fan of cardio exercise. When travelling – good old burpees are a great overall body workout.

You’re on a desert island, the paleo way! What are the 3 foods you wouldn’t live without (Primal Pantry bars don’t count!)?

Ooooooo, Prawns, Sweet potatoes and 90% dark chocolate.

You have a little girl – what’s your top tip to get the kids eating healthy?

Make food fun and educational, so teach them how to make recipes and encourage them to learn what certain foods do to help your body.  At a young age they are sponge for interesting facts, they love them so feed them with full of interesting food facts.  Show them where food comes from, take them to the farm, get them to pick their own fruit.

Ladies, join the real food revolution! Find out more about The Primal Pantry here.

Have an awesome, real food packed day darlings – your body will thank you for it!

With love,

C xo

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