Eat FAT, Get THIN Book Review – 5 things I love about it

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Fat. Fat. FAT.

FAT makes you fat, right?!


You’ve got it right, darling. Eat FAT, get THIN.


This has to be the best news EVER.

(I mean, I still haven’t found a reliable source that says that unlimited chocolate, cake and cream guarantee you’ll live to 106, so this will have to do).

This is the title of of my latest favourite book and you can probably guess why. Any book that says that eggs (yes, yolks included!), avocado and butter are (healthy) game has a very special place in my heart.

And it gets better – it’s all based on hard evidence.

Get ready to change the way you think about fat forever – and to be gobsmacked when you realise how we’ve been fooled for decades into thinking that FAT was the demon when it’s not. It’s actually SUGAR that’s making us sick and overweight. I mean, how could the experts be wrong?

Before you go any further, don’t think this is a free-for-all-let’s-go-chips-crazy. It’s about eating the good kind of fats!

Here are just some of the awesome, surprising insights you can learn from Eat Fat, Get Thin:

  • Fat helps loose weight. And is fundamental to a healthy, functioning body. Fat from foods actually can boost your metabolism! On the other hand, eating a low-fat diet actually makes you crave bad foods.
  • Not all calories are created equal. Some calories make you fat and sick. Others make you thin and healthy. Your body does not work to a “calories in – calories out ” equation. It’s much more clever and complex than that.
  • Sugar is the new fat. That includes white carbs – just another word for sugar. On top of that high-carb diets actually make you crave more carbs – exactly!!! That feeling when you’ve just had a piece of toast and actually feel like having 2 more!
  • Eating saturated fat does not cause heart disease. In fact coconut oil is a great example of a saturated fat that’s great for you. And you can even have some butter!
  • Just because you workout a lot, you don’t need a carb-heavy diet. Make sure you’re getting enough, good-quality protein!

Here’s the 5 things I love about this book:

1. It’s based on scientific evidence. In fact, the first half of the Eat Fat Get Thin book is basically dissecting a plethora of scientific studies, period. If you don’t like this sort of stuff you can skip to the Eat Fat Get Thin Plan. But I love it how the author really gets under the skin of each insight and conclusion (I’m a bit of a food geek and I know it).

2. Advocates a lifestyle, not a diet. Diets don’t work. Lifelong habits do.

3. It’s practical. The Eat Fat, Get Thin Plan is packed with easy tips to upgrade your food regime and the recipes are accessible to anyone with basic kitchen skills.

4. You don’t need to count calories. As long as you’re eating the right foods (in the right sort of proportions) you’re fine. Who doesn’t think this is liberating?!

5. It recommends you eat more fat! This one is pretty self-explanatory. And it makes me really happy ;)))) . Avocados, olive oil, eggs. It’s all soooo good, baby.

Think avocado toast. This is one of my favourite breakfasts and it has the Eat Fat, Get Thin sign of approval all over it – YESSSSS! Scrambled eggs on a bit of butter? Double YESSSS. This is my free ticket to food heaven – and I’m joining the ride pronto!

Super Eggs - Eat the YOLK !

If you’re looking for a new book to make you happy these holidays, this should be on your list! Buy it here.

For more on Dr Mark Hyman, check his website – an inspiring, science based resource!

Check it out and tell me what you think!

C xoxo

  1. The recipies/shopping lists are fabulous….un theory. Many of the foods he recommends are quite expensive and some, not readily or easily available. My opinion is that the diet is great but that Dr. H needs to rewrite the recipes and the shopping lists for the masses .

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