My EPIC Workout with Davina McCall and Polar A360 (and find out Davina’s kryptonite food!!!)

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What happens when Davina McCall and a group of kick-ass girls get together for a HIIT workout in one of the most amazing gyms in London? And that workout is powered by this hot-off-the-press super sleek fitness tracker? Seriously ladies, that’s next level endorphin high!

Polar Photocall with Davina McCall. A 45 minute HIIT session hosted by Davina McCall and her trainer Ed Lumsden with fitness bloggers and influencers at the Third Space, 2b More London Riverside, London. May 12th 2016. Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA
Group photo!!! Can you find me?!

A few days ago I had the chance to step into this parallel glamour fitness reality for a few hours, courtesy of the girls at Polar Fitness.

This was what they had prepared for all us fitness Cinderellas :

A get together at amazing Third Space gym in London Bridge. HIIT Workout with Davina and her trainer Ed. Test the shiny new fitness tracker Polar A360. Sweaty Selfies. Q&A with Davina. Goodie bags.

Basically the dream.

Davina and Ed
Davina and Ed

After that, it was back to the old rags – or in my case, potty training (I’ll take the rags anyday).So I made a point of thoroughly enjoying it.

And here are the 3 things that really stuck with me after those hours of fitness glamour:

1. Girls, there’s a new breed of role models out there – and they’re strong, not skinny!

The studio was packed with seriously fit girls who don’t look like they waste too much time counting calories. They have curves in all the right places, a healthy glow and endless energy! They’re not frail, they kick-ass – YES! Strong has taken over skinny! This is the new fitness royalty.

Which sort of made me hesitate: what exactly am I doing here?!

Maybe not the original ninja warrior, but could be worse?!

But I was determined to get my act together, so I stood tall and got my abs out (the start of a midlife crisis?!). And you know what, they don’t look that bad, actually (as long as you ignore that saggy baby skin, but hey that’s just life).  Then I spotted Davina (who’s not 20 years old any more) looking fabulous in a crop top – yep, I’ll be showing off my abs alright.

Polar Photocall with Davina McCall. A 45 minute HIIT session hosted by Davina McCall and her trainer Ed Lumsden with fitness bloggers and influencers at the Third Space, 2b More London Riverside, London. May 12th 2016. Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA

Honestly though, when you starting sweating your a** off it doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 20 or have a six-pack – the energy just keeps you going!

2. Davina is as fabulous live as she is on-screen – what an inspiration!

Davina looking great

She’s 48, has 3 kids, a full on career and looks better than ever (project “Me at 48”?!). She has that rare human quality that makes you instantly fall in love with her. Down to earth, a girls girl and just sooo much fun! She worked as hard as all the 20-year-old fitties in the front row (a self-proclaimed competitive lady) and didn’t shy away from our sweaty selfie after that either! She promises she’ll be the 80 year-old doing triathlons and I believe her. Bravo to that!!!

Davina working out

Firm advocate of a healthy and active lifestyle, she did confess what her kryptonite food was: BANNOFEE PIE!!! Which made me love her even more.

Collapsing on the floor during Q & A

3. The new generation of fitness trackers takes motivation to the next level

I had the chance to try out Polar’s new family addition – the PolarA360. I’ll start by saying that I’m not one of those technology early-adopters. In fact, I’m in the opposite: sceptical-really-late-had-to-be-forced-user. I still own a 10-year-old Nokia mobile phone which I actually use from time to time. Hubby is a serious tech geek and is constantly making fun of me.

But this sleek piece of technology hits gold. It does lots of clever and useful things like measuring distance, steps, calories burned and heart rate. I won’t go into all the technicalities (more on that on a later post) – for today I’ll just tell you how it makes me feel:


  • Because you can wear it 24/7 it becomes a constant (positive!) reminder of my commitment to keep active and healthy (a bit like a wedding ring, actually)
  • It keeps me motivated to reach my daily goals and to keep challenging myself
  • Oh, and it’s really handsome – check it out here

Come on girls, who doesn’t want a buddy like this?!!! We’ve actually already had our first dinner date 😉

Going out for dinner
Going out for dinner – isn’t he handsome?!

Find out more about getting fit and healthy with amazing girl Davina here – she is the real deal!

A final thank you to the ladies at Polar for inviting me! What an event to celebrate strong women, of all ages, shapes and sizes, WOW! I left on a serious high, feeling ready to take on the world!

With the polar girls
Thank you Polar Fitness ladies!

Keep checking for my Polar A360 product review soon (as soon as I have all the technicalities figured out, that is). But for this one I’m NOT recruiting hubby to help!

Do you use a fitness tracker? Why? How does it make you feel?

C xoxo



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