My Feel Good September Could-Do List!


Fact: happy people live longer.

On a recent study researchers found that an increase in happiness is directly proportional with a reduction in mortality. So I’m kickstarting my September stories with a list of feel good intentions!

Do you love a list? I looove mine.

I keep special notebooks just for them, with pretty pastel covers and silky, smooth paper. I even have special pens* to write on them. Kept inside a special, slim, white case. I take great pleasure in sitting down at the coffee shop and take time to magically get my life sorted by writing down.

It gets worse.

Having left my pen case at home the other day I made a (not so small) detour specially to pop into a stationery shop and purchase suitable replacement pens. God forbid I have to make an important note (think “book MOT”) and I must resort to borrowing a sad biro from a random stranger.

Ladies, lists are also a trap. When you go down the rabbit hole of obsessing over unfinished business, it springs to mind that scene on “I Don’t Know How She Does It”; she’s there lying in bed at night and there’s that animated To Do List franticly dancing over her head.

Which is why I’ve chosen to name this one a Could-Do List. As in “it would be really nice to tick all the boxes but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t”.

Also.Here’s a silly, pointless video of myself.

So here they are. A collection of good intentions. Inspiration for a better life that will not get in the way of actually living it.

1. Get the kids into daily probiotics.

I’m a firm believer in preventative medicine and that means topping up the good bacteria colonies in your gut.  Thus minimizing number of sick days so no skipping workouts to tend to child’s wellbeing (#GoodMum vs. #BadMum ?).

Number 3 still thinks it’s disgusting and ends up squashing the little pill between her fingers every time she announces she’s willing to “give it a go”. At least the other two think it’s very grown up to take pills for breakfast. Half full, people.

2. Try a new fitness class.

I need to shake things up this September and have come to sadly realise that not all the best studios are on my doorstep (how unfair is that?). So I’m actually willing to leave the square mile and commute for sweat. On top of my list are BoomCycle and Re: Mind. Who’s coming with? Who’s been already?

3. Talk more, text less.

It’s too easy to just fire messages away. And yes, sometimes it’s just what you need. What about when you don’t have anything specific to say? You just want to hear the others’ voice and make pointless chat, digress?

Mind you, this does not include more Face Time (who else thinks FT is hard work?). Frankly, no-one needs to be reminded of that horrible spot on their forehead.

4. Restart my meditation practice.

The word restart here is used relatively loosely as it implies that I’ve actually done it before.

Well I have, just not consistently (read about what happened at my first mediation class here). Since mornings are war zone, I’m starting with 5 minutes on the bolster in the evenings. Apply a bit of your favourite relaxing body oil (I love this one by Neom), pop some quiet music on and focus on your breathing.

5. To not skip kids’ bedtime reading.

When you’re already knackered after a whole days work it’s too tempting to just say “it’s really late” (in my defence, it usually is). So as part of my #GoodMum mission this is one for the list.

Note to self: purchase children’s books that I actually enjoy reading. Which would mean anything from Emily Hughes, like this one: Everything You Need For a Treehouse. Dreamy pictures that speak a million words.

The kids book for the grown ups who love pictures

6. More doodling and calligraphy.

I’ve read that it’s great to do something with total abandon just for the fun of it, which immediately resonated (!). If you’re curious about modern calligraphy I highly recommend one of Imogen Owen’s beginners workshops, I went once and it was just the thing I needed. Do more of what you love.

Does not include eating the a whole pack of mini mars bars kept for kids emergencies (what kind of mother would do that?).

More Emily Hughes. Magical.


Do you have a September To Do List? What’s in there? Please comment on the section below, I love hearing from you!

With love,

Catarina xo

* If you’re wondering, this is my favourite To Do List pen  (I get it in packs of 10!).

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