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I had been looking forward to this for weeks.

It’s a chilly, misty London morning and I’m walking along a quaint narrow road tucked away in the heart of Chelsea. Finally, there it is: the pale yellow house with the cutest white front door, as if in a Lewis Carroll book.

She opens the door.

For a split second I’m living an Alice-in-Wonderland moment.

Alice (the nutritionist, not the other one) is so tall and that door is well, not so much, that it’s as if she’s had some of that magic “Eat Me” concoction and is peering out from the white rabbit’s house.

The other thing you instantly notice is her a-ma-zing skin (more on that later).

Alice Mackintosh does blow you away. With her never ending, science-based nutrition knowledge and charisma. She’s a girl after my heart with her no BS, real-life take on all things food. And whilst she may not need heels the way normal women do, she’s got that rare trait of making you feel at ease around her.

Alice Mackintosh doesn’t need an introduction, but I’ll do it anyway because I love saying good stuff about people (most of the time, anyways).

Purple Risotto from Alice’s Happy Kitchen

Alice gained a First Class Honours degree in Nutritional Therapy and a Biomedical Science degree (as one does). She’s a leading London nutritionist, bestselling author of The Happy Kitchen and co-founder of supplement brand Equi London.

I was super lucky to get a chance to meet her for a one-on-one consultation after scoring the prize at the Heartcore Christmas raffle, yay!

They said it was meant to be. I say it was down those 20+ raffles I bought.

I loved her so much that I was determined to find a way to share with you some of her feel-good magic – so I invited her to answer a few questions about herself. And here they are: hope you enjoy reading as much as I did.

Over to Alice!

1. My typical breakfast is…

I am such an egg lover! I have got scrambled eggs down to a T and can manage to make it, eat and clear up in under 10 minutes. I normally have with ¼ avocado and  some oat cakes.

2. These are my top tips for a glowing skin …

  • Eat enough healthy fats – I love smoked mackerel but nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil and avo also work.
  • Get a rainbow of colour from all kinds of vegetables daily.
  • I find I get x-factor skin when I add in a top quality skincare supplement. I put everything that works for me, my clients and has strong evidence behind it into my skin supplement – Equi’s Beauty Formula. Our last batch totally sold but but we are launching our new products soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!
  • Quality sleep – I like to get 7-8/hours night but I don’t have children yet, so this may change!
  • Natural skincare. I love Aurelia products and find my skin really glows with a facial massage using their oil.

3. I could not live without these 5 foods…

That’s a hard one to answer for a foodie! I think it would have to be eggs (as above), good quality salmon sashimi, any kind of vegetable, good quality dark chocolate with hazelnuts and last but definitely not least, chips of any kind!

Can you tell just how tall she is?

4. This always helps me prepare for a good night sleep… A nice hot Epsom salt bath, This Works Sleep Spray and an app that plays wave noises to induce beta waves in the brain – it’s by Kelly Howell.

5. The absolutely best movie of all times is… 

I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I first watched it age 5, so it would have to be Episode 5 Empire Strikes Back – I’m not saying it’s the best movie ever made, but it’s probably my favourite!

6. If I wasn’t a nutritionist, I would be… I would probably be an acupuncturist.. I’m hoping I might be able to do both one day :).

7. My favourite workout is … A toss up between Heartcore pilates, barre or a really great spin session with good music.

8. I completely switch off when… I eat out with friends and enjoy a nice glass of red wine.

9. If I was an animal, I would be a … Probably a bear because I love raw salmon and berries so much 😉

10. I love my job because… I get to help people look and feel their best; I learn new and amazing things everyday; I feel challenged all the time, and each day is different.


Thank you Alice! Everyone, Alice will be sharing one of her favourite recipes on the blog soon, so eyes peeled ;).

For more on Alice and her practice check her website here. And if you go see her, remember this word: heels.

With love,

Catarina xo

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