HIIT-ting It with FitBit and Ministry Does Fitness!


I’m inside a dark room, the coolest beats are pumping, face covered in glow in the dark orange paint quickly melting and I’m feeling like the warrior queen I’ll never be (because of too much brioche loaf).

But I’m really, really feeling like today may be the day I just TAKE OFF.

Metaphorically speaking.

This way

Something will definitely be going through the roof and people, that’s my heart rate. This is when I visualise that scene from Wonder Woman where she climbs up out of the trenches, metallic leotard and all, to kick those bad guys in their lazy butts – BOOM!

Good crazy happens when fitness tracker FitBit teams up with Ministry Does Fitness to deliver the HIIT class that will push your system to the next level. You’ll hate it, then you’ll love it (when it’s over, that is). What’s more, with that Fitbit on you know exactly what it’s doing to your body, every second of it – instant gratification!

Stay here to find out what happened at FitBit x Ministry Does Fitness Event!

The start was warm and fuzzy (guess that couldn’t last)

Meet and greet at the Elephant and Castle studio under the arches, previously the famous club’s hidden booze vault (remember when you used to go clubbing? No, neither can I).

Good energy is buzzing and I get fitted with a FitBit Charge 2 baby that makes my wrist look oh so sexy. Feeling good about this. Time to get cosy with the other victims, fellow bloggers and athletes – and the trainers that will keep you going when you think you can’t go any more whilst promising it’s only one more rep (this is why I have trust issues).

Sexy wrist makes stronger workouts (really?)

Boss lady Laura aka Biceps and Bronzer was the Ministry Does Fitness coach on duty. Together with FitBit ambassador James aka London Fitness Guy they designed the evening’s special selection of burpees, sweat and battle ropes galore.

Which sounded lovely as we were all hanging out by the smoothies and cocktails bar, perfect ponytail bouncing and gym kits in tip top shape, not a sweaty patch in sight. But apparently we were actually supposed to get into the studio and get a move on. I had the same look on my face as my kids when they’re faced with the “no-more-Ipad-bedtime-now”.

With Laura, feeling good – before the workout OBVS

The workout was not pretty – but OH it was sweaty

As the FitBit fellowship enters the Ministry studio it’s toys all over the place. There are 7 (play) stations combined together in a circuit to challenge your heart rate and take you to that peak (that’s the red, OMG-why-did-I-come-today zone). I laugh nervously and pretend I’m soooo looking forward to it.

One station, then the other – you push, pull, throw, jab and jump. Short bursts of HIIT energy mean that when you think you’ve emptied the tank, it’s over – and then you start again at the next station.

Bless Laura, James and those awesome Ministry beats, you kept me going –  I DID IT and I was totally awesome (ie. I avoided falling flat on my face #fitnessGoals).

Hall of Fame!

And then there were cocktails…

Sweaty, knackered, buzzing and totally un-Instagrammable – that was me after those 45 minutes in the Ministry Does Fitness temple. Ahhh, but there was joy at the other end of the corridor.

We’re talking glorious green smoothies packed with goodness or beautiful summery cocktails. At Ministry it’s a work hard, play hard ethos and whilst I’m not entirely convinced it’s a good idea to gulp down the gin there’s definitely that post workout party vibe that makes me forget the pain and want to come back!

Just like that, as I was contemplating being the cool kid and have that (real) cocktail, the mummy Cinders syndrome strikes – sh*t the offspring, I need to get home!

What a fabulous fitness celebration, an evening I’ll remember as a challenge I wanted to drop but kept pushing instead! It’s incredible how seeing those heart rate numbers flashing on my Fitbit helped keep me motivated (or at least took my mind off the gruelling burpees for seconds).

Whatever works for you darling. Push that little bit harder, your heart will thank you for it.

And live happily ever after with your Fitbit, watching Wonder Woman and eating brioche loaf.

Lots of love,

C x

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