Going away on holidays? Read my 3 top tips to stay healthy!

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It’s almost time for those holidays you’ve been looking forward to for ages!!! You know you bloody DESERVE it. But does part of you worry that weeks of hard work eating the right things and working out will go to waste?!

Did I hear a (not so loud) YES?!

Well, you’re not alone.

Let me get the bad news out of the way. If you feast on every single yummy looking local morsel, you’ll feel it on your waistline. If hopping from restaurant to the bar is your idea of getting the body moving, your abs will not be showing by the pool (not a problem if you’ve only brought swimsuits ah!!!).

But you know all this.

So on to the good news.  Focus on a few quick wins to keep healthy and moving and you can enjoy that break guilt-free.

I just returned from a few days at Praia Verde, a gorgeous beach in Portugal, down south in the Algarve. We’re staying at our family home, which makes it easier if you want to cook your own meals (also fine if not!!!). It was just a few days, so I couldn’t really be bothered with coming up with a master plan to stay fit (probably wouldn’t anyway…). But I was mindful to get the healthy vibes flowing.

Here’s what I do.

1. Do these 2 simple things before you leave the bedroom

It’s easier to fit a couple of healthy routines first thing. Do these 2 simple things before you even leave your hotel room:

Drink a glass of warm water with lemon. Gives your liver a detox boots and kicks starts the metabolism. Balance the body with this alkalinising super food. I always take a couple of lemons with me and ask for a kettle in my hotel room.

Awake your abs and arms. You’re likely to be doing some walking during the day, so give the rest of the body some love. Hold a 2 minute plank followed by one minute side plank on each side. Do 12 push ups followed by as many triceps dips as you can. Have a 30 second break. Repeat the arms exercises two more times.

2. Visit the local farmers markets

Great to browse the local specialties and talk to people. If you have access to a kitchen, pack your bag full of fresh greens and any local veggies you have never tried – always fun! If you’re not cooking, bag some fresh fruit and nuts for healthy snacks on the go.

At the farmers market
At the farmers market. Obviously. A bit too pale?!


3. Pack your trainers and your playlist

Going out for a jog at the beach or just around the hotel is a great way to do some active sightseeing. But, if I forget my playlist, this is never happening. I’m old school and have an old ipod I carry with me all the time. Make sure you pack the charger as well! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to charge it before leaving!

This is it. Nothing too complicated that you can easily squeeze in a short break. And I feel like I’m doing just about enough to keep me going and not feel guilty for missing out the weekly spin class and pilates session!

Result: happy, refreshed and not so wobbly abs! Success!!!

Just because you’re going on a bit of refresh and reset, doesn’t mean you can’t look after yourself. In fact, doing will take that holiday feel-good factor to the next level!

Hope this helps you next time you’re away! What are your favorite quick-wins to a guilt free break?!

C xoxo

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