Lunchtime Sweat with Zeo!

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Wow, this is going to be fun.

Step inside the Zeo Dry Bar pop up and it’s Alice in Wonderland meets fitness studio. Walls are covered in Amazonian green and a creative yoga mat 3D installation. There’s the cool DJ corner to rock your evenings, hang out with friends and try some Zeo.

The best part? The amazing line up of fitness classes and inspirational talks – for free, no catch.

At this point you’re wondering – come on darling, this all sounds too good to be true. What is the real catch?

The answer: there isn’t one. I’ll explain exactly what’s going on.

What happens at the Zeo Dry Bar Pop Up?

The good people at Zeo soft drinks love all things healthy and want to share their passion with you. They’re celebrating the launch of a new no-added-sugar range with a 6 weeks health and fitness extravaganza at their Old Street station pop up.

Book a free class to get your sweat on, listen to their awesome speakers or catch an evening live DJ sesh – swapping the cocktails for that cloudy lemon Zeo. Here’s a brand actually putting their money where their mouth is.

Except that after that sweat you may need a shower and a blow dry.

I signed up for a Pilates class with Vix Hilton fully expecting an smooth, lunchtime toning workout. I’d gone out for a morning jog that day, so I was ready to give my core some tough love – but that was it. However, Vix who was there representing the V Training app (the “uber” to find personal trainers) had something else in mind…

The BURN was ON!!!!

We kicked off the class with some serious HIIT (you know, just to get that heart rate going and all that) then followed by high tempo Pilates moves. Oh, and there was that lovely 1 minute plank finisher too. I was totally ready for some zingy Zeo after that…

Sweaty Group Picture!


Why Zeo and not good old water?

Ladies, I’m not going into the benefits of staying hydrated (true but boring) or why water is the best drink on the face of the Earth (also true, also boring). Google it if you must.

Another pic. Because I totally love my Hey Holla jumper.

I’m a water person myself, trying my best to sip those 2 litres a day and so on but I miss having that fizz down my throat and a hint of flavour. So if there’s a drink where I don’t need to compromise, I’ll have it – hello, Zeo baby. Not a substitute for water obviously, but perfect for when you want that extra bit of excitement!

Not me, in case you didn’t notice. Lovely #StrongNotSkinny Caroline Flack, Zeo’s public face

Time to grab your ticket to Zeo-land, gorgeous (did I mention they’re free?)!

Only 1 week to go, people!

I know, I should probably have mentioned this part before.

No excuses, grab your piece of the action until the 2nd of June! Classes get fully booked, so make sure you grab your spot early on – find all the details here.

A bit of shopping with is optional, but oh so tempting… Find a lovely selection of Style Sportif’s activewear inside!

Let me know how you’ve enjoyed Zeo Dry Bar moments on the comments below or tag me on your Instagram pics!

C xo

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