Neal’s Yard x Deliciously Ella Launch Party and Moisturiser Review!

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When the iconic natural health & beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies joins forces with the poster-girl for healthy living Deliciously Ella I knew this would be good news for my skin.

And a great excuse for a girls’ afternoon out!

Deliciously Ella also happens to be one of my big girls C.’s most loved cooks. Something I encourage because a) she learns to cook healthy and b) she’s not watching a half-naked Rihanna on Youtube while she’s busy rolling raw energy balls.

Not that my children are ever allowed to watch semi-naked people on Youtube, obviously. Unless they’re on X Factor and it’s too late to switch channels.

I’m talking rubbish I digress.

Caro and Deliciouslly Ella


I admire the amazing job Deliciously Ella has been doing at raising awareness on the importance of eating real, wholesome foods. Her debut book was one of the first to land on my (now over-populated) healthy cookbooks library. I knew Ella would be at the Neal’s Yard Covent Garden shop for the skincare range launch party, so it was a deal: me and my big girl would go together to meet Ella, shop and make this a great afternoon out!

Flowers, flowers (and did I mention the flowers?)

As we arrive at Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, this cutest little square was buzzing with action! Smoothie bar by the front door, camera crew doing interviews outside and a constant flow of keen ladies going into the tiny, beautiful shop – woohoo, my take on the red carpet (I’ve obviously never walked an actual red carpet so this may sound a bit pathetic).

Neals Yard Remedies x Deliciously Ella

We step inside an organic beauty party! There was a mini-facial corner and Ella was welcoming everyone. She was super kind when I introduced her to her small (but mighty) fan. My big girl C. was delighted and slightly overwhelmed to utter more than 2 words. I had luckily had a chance to meet Ella before at the Trekstok Supper Club and knew how nice she is with all her (grown-up) followers.

Fun with Deliciously Ella

I tried and purchased the Neal’s Yard Remedies x Deliciously Ella products and got a freebie hand moisturiser along the way too (love my freebies I do)! The ladies at the till were fun and knowledgeable and sent me home with a generous amount of samples – including something pink that my girl could use. Sweet.

The Neal’s Yard Remedies x Deliciously Ella collaboration resulted in 2 core products every girl needs in her life: a facewash and moisturiser. I love it how they started with the honest basics, there’s nothing like solid, good performing foundations for a skincare routine that delivers. Same with your food, really.

NYR Thumbs up

I love the Neal’s Yard Remedies x Deliciously Ella skincare moisturiser! These are the 5 reasons why:

1. Smells divinely fresh. I’m slightly addicted to how good it smells. The products are bursting with the smell of cucumber and rose, so it feels very real “it-does-what-it-says-on-the-tin” kind of thing. Neal’s Yard Remedies occasionally have products with really overpowering scents, but it’s not the case for this one – it feels very balanced. So, so lovely. Anything that makes you look forward to looking after your skin is getting a big thumbs up from me.

2. The lovely texture. Not to light, not to heavy. Great day cream. Top it up with some SPF darlings! I would personally prefer something more comforting as a night cream, but hey – I’m not in my 20s anymore!

3. It’s uncomplicated. Antioxidants that make your your skin glow. That’s it. It doesn’t promise a 47.3% wrinkle reduction over the period of 5 weeks after trials in 133 women. It doesn’t contain weird hyarolonic acids where you need to sign a waiver form in case they accidentally burn your skin. It’s just an honest, nourishing moisturiser made with ingredients we all know from our kitchens or gardens. Good stuff.

4. The pretty and functional packaging. I’m a sucker for a pretty package (hands up if you don’t like pretty bottles). Looks aside, it’s also really clever. The moisturiser comes in a glass container with a pump dispenser which is a fabulous way to preserve the quality of the product.

5. It’s organic. Be as conscious about what you put on your skin on the outside as you would with how you are nourishing it from the inside. I trust Neal’s Yard and Deliciously Ella to make sure only the best organic ingredients are going on my skin. Zero nasties, total goodness.

I also got my 5 minutes of fame as we were leaving and was invited to speak to the cameras about the new range – must have been the happy glow on my face (and probably the fact that I had actually blow-dried my hair that morning)! Soon the video will be all over social media and I’ll obviously become that accidental overnight star that was 10 years in the making. My little girl was super impressed (mum rocks and all that).

Neals Yard Remedies x Deliciouslly Ella stand

As we left Neal’s Yard we went shopping for make-up (OMG pink, pink, pink). Then there was the milkshake (“Mummy, so you don’t always eat healthy!”. Busted). Some more shopping. And back to the hustle of Covent Garden tube station feeling knackered but oh-so-happy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just the start of a wider skincare range for Neals Yard x Deliciously Ella. Which would be fabulous news – since my big girl wants to do it again!

Me too.

We can always repeat the milkshake and shopping part.

An extra bonus? My girl C. pointed out Ella was very pretty (the new-age Cinders, really). I explain it’s all that kale and broccoli. She ate a fair amount for tea that evening.

You can check out the new range here.  Find out the story behind the products at Deliciously Ella – and her events diary, for lots of fun, inspiring things to do!

What organic skincare products are your favourites? Send me your suggestions!


C xoxo

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