NOT Another New Year Resolutions Post!


I dread New Year resolutions.

I would have used the word hate but apparently that’s a “bad” word , or so all the kids’ teachers seem to agree. Since I’m permanently scared that my digital footprint will endure and to prevent future offspring’s trauma (not future offspring, future trauma – just to be crystal clear), this time I will refrain from saying what I really mean.

Back to those dreadful New Year resolutions.

New Year, New You! What’s wrong with last year’s me?

10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight in 2018! Ooops, was it pasta last night? Shame on you. Might as well throw the towel and try again in 2019.

And my personal favourite:

How To Make 2018 Your Bikini Body Year! Because obviously you need a bikini body, whatever that means. And we all know how you’ve tried many times unsuccessfully, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation again, right Sherlock?

You’re getting my point here, right?

Unrealistic goals and unnecessary pressure equal anxiety, zero of motivation and ultimately any good intentions go down the drain.

Ladies, don’t despair. I know we all want to better ourselves, help the planet, raise balanced individuals (not mud throwing contestants) all this whilst preventing our bums to give into gravity.

I’ve found a trick. And January as a good as any other month to start.

Here it is. Set out to make small, actionable changes. Preferably those that involve clicking buy and next day delivery.

You’ll be doing good, feeling good, building up to even greater goals down the line. If you’re ready. A virtuous cycle of positivity, not oh-I’m-a-total-incompetent-might-as-well-give-up-where’s-the-twix-bar?

Even if you’re in team Jan (not as in Jen vs. Angelina, see how I’m getting really clever here), you may still want to stay on this page. Come on, it’s only another minute – unless you’re busy Sunday prepping meals for the rest of the year?

I’ve started doing these 5 small and simple things this month. Feeling that little bit awesome already.

1. Reduce toxic exposure 

I’m doing this by swapping normal detergents for greener versions. Better for the environment and for the skin. If you have kids with eczema problems, this should definitely be on your list. They’re more expensive but hey, it buys me peace of mind. I’m using lots of Ecover products at the moment. I’m also swapping regular body wash for organic versions, like this one from Jason. Click buy on Ocado.

2. Walk more

In my case, it’s all down to less car on the school runs. It means a logistic challenge (and it sure doesn’t apply when it’s pouring outside) so I have to make an active effort to make it happen. But it’s a triple whammy, darlings: more exercise, less pounds on petrol and more quality time with the kids.

Plus I know it’s only a matter of time before I crash on another car with children sitting on back seats lose my composure driving to the school gates at morning rush hour. So I’m also saving on insurance premium charges.

You’ll need warm, cosy leggings. Click buy on Sweaty Betty.

3. Swap to planet friendly toothbrushes

I didn’t even know they existed until a month ago! They’re made out of wood and biodegradable bristles and super cute too. My favourites are the pink and yellow, but sadly I’ve only found them in kids’ size. Shout out if you can track them down in wise size.  Click buy on Amazon.

4. Get more probiotics in your life

No complicated home fermentation process involved. Simply add a teaspoon of probiotic powder to your smoothie or yogurt every day. It really makes a difference, specially on those days when you really, really didn’t eat your greens (whaaaaat?) but still want to get away with murder. Click buy here.

I’m also attending Eve Kalinik’s Be Good To Your Gut event this month. Some serious gut inspo, if that’s your thing. Buy your tickets here.

5. Use a bedtime oil

Makes you look forward to getting under the duvet that tiny bit earlier, helps clear your head and it’s oh so nourishing for your skin. We should all be getting more sleep, less Netflix and this simple ritual does the trick. I’m addicted to Neom’s Scent To Sleep range. These guys only do organic, nasty free ingredients – amazing. Just don’t slather so much on that you’ll slide out of bed. Click buy here.

How virtuous are you feeling already? Easy peasy, right?

What’s your favourite thing?

Have a happy, awesome New Year babes.

With love,

C xo


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