How to Plan 1 Week of Workouts – 8 Rules I Live By

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How do you go about planning your workouts? I workout up to 6 times a week and I love it – if I skip a day I feel restless!

Looking back 3 years ago I didn’t know what a plank was (this is not an overstatement). If you’d told me I would be getting my a** (sorry, glutes) moving to the studio or running at the park I’d assume you were talking to the perfectly formed gym bunny standing next to me (where did I ever go that I would be standing next to gym bunnies?!) and totally ignored you.

Move your body. You’ll see the results. But you have to put in the work, darlings. And no, it’s not a 4-weeks-to-a-perfect-bottom type of thing – I’m afraid real bottoms require a slightly longer gravity-fighting timeframe.

The good news is a bit of planning goes a long way.

I sit down with my Ipad on a Saturday or Sunday evening (woohoo, exciting evening plans!) and really enjoy taking a bit of time deciding what I’ll be doing next week. Some are regular workouts which I’ll mix-and-match with others depending on how I feel.

I have been trying and testing what works for me and these are the 8 rules I live by when planning my week:  

1. Move 5-6 days a week. Your body is made for movement. And you’ll think more clearly too.

2. Include 2 cardio workouts. I’ll do HIIT, jog, spin or mix of cardio at the gym (treadmill, cross-trainer, rowing or climber). Increases your stamina and burns fat (ie. more room for cake). More than 2 intense cardio workouts a week and I become a hungry beast, which sort of defeats the point – so beware of upping your cardio sessions too much.

3. Include 1 Pilates class. I love Reformer Pilates, there’s nothing better for posture and full-body toning. Heartcore is my go-to studio.

Reformer Pilates
On the Reformer! Can you spot my baby sister?!

4. Add 1-2 additional strength sessions. This could be Barre (see here how Barre changed my life!), TRX or a Sculpt class.

5. Mix it up. Alternate your favourite workouts. Boredom will defeat even the best intentions.

6. Go outdoors. A change of scenery and a great playlist do wonders to my motivation. Usually means a run in the park followed by a 10 minute core and arms routine just to make sure everything has had a bit of action.

Go Outdoors

7. Get one full rest day. Your body needs quality rest to recover.

8. Change it up. I may add some boxing to my week (I love KOBOX- see my review here!), some yoga or try a new studio. Try new things – it’s fun and keeps your body guessing!

Boxing gloves
Matching boxing gloves and socks? Really?!

Find your own rules. Ultimately it’s about what motivates you to get that workout done. Be consistent and challenge your body!

Now go on and book in your next week of workouts – what will it look like?!

C xoxo

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