I went to Re:Mind Meditation Studio, this is what happened!


Check this out everyone, it’s a nap cult gathering!!!

I’m guessing that’s what they would say if someone took a peek through the window. Also ”What a bunch of wackos, some people have waaaay too much time on our hands, man”.

It looks weird, I grant you.

Welcome ladies to Re:Mind , London’s drop in Meditation studio.

I’m lying down on a soft mat, my head resting on a pillow, knees supported by a bolster. The eye mask is on, covering the bright light that shines from the studio windows. There’s a wholly blanket keeping me warm and the crystal bowls vibrations are singing in my head like you’re diving under water and there’s not another soul for miles.

Maybe just some sharks, then.

I’m not going to pretend that I get the logic of how sound activates our chakras (yes, it’s an actual thing) but I challenge you not to feel good as you let it in and magically zone out.

(I was joking about the sharks).

On a geekier note, recent scientific studies do prove that particular types of sound can have a tremendous positive effect on human physiology, particularly on brain health (it can even help treat autism and Alzheimer’s). That’s not something I simply turn down, people. Specially since all I need to do here is to lie down, all warm and cosy. No brainer, right?

Re:Mind’s promise is beautifully simple: find your calm. I think of it as a workout for the mind.

Crystal Bowl healing is just one of the sessions on offer on the rather (how should I put it?) unexpected menu of classes available at Re:Mind, the new London drop-in meditation studio.

This is what happens when you check in for a class.

The lovely scent of burning candles instantly signal you’ve arrived “somewhere else”. Freshly brewed herbal tea is on offer (out with the office kitchen mugs, say hi to the pretty teacups), so I definitely recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before class to settle into your calm zone.

The studio is utterly gorgeous. Think calm meets interior design, with carefully curated materials, furniture, books and of course the aforementioned cosy class props. The tones are organic, greys and taupe brought to life by perfectly scattered indoor plants – pretty and cleansing.

Basically this would be my dream den.

If I did not have to cohabit with 3 small kids and one amazing yet gadget- addicted hubby covering the house in wire to boost internet signal.

Dress code: whatever you want. My choice is leggings, warm XL sweater. Ideally bra-less but that’s a step I haven’t quite taken yet… I’ve also seen girls who obviously came straight in from the office wearing their power dress to get their calm fix in (they were not bra-less either).

Now. Slow it. Right. Down.

Shoes off, you walk upstairs to the meditation studio. “Omg it’s sooo perfect” is what springs to mind the first time you step in. This is where the real magic happens. Get cosy with the array of soft cushions and blankets and make sure you do pop the eye mask on.

During the class I kept my eyes shut as the lovely teacher went on about letting go. For me it was less about the words, more about the tone and pace. Calm inducing chatter. This is when you start to really zone out and relax.

Next in line is a double whammy treat. As the teacher goes around each and every person playing the crystal bowl, amazing sound waves echoing in your head, another teacher is working her Reiki magic on you. Now, I don’t understand anything about Reiki, but the feeling of those warm hands hovering over your tummy give me the good kind of butterflies and I wish she would not have another 8 people to get to.

Having said that, I was seriously grateful when she did her thing to the snoring creature at the back. It was like hitting the off switch. Phew. That was really killing my vibe.

As I lie there, initially struggling to put all thoughts of to-do lists and omg-no-clean-uniform-shirts-for tomorrow-school-photo-day aside, you suddenly realise that chatter is no more. Bliss.

Re:Mind is a bubble of calm and I never want to leave.

Alas, real life calls. Reluctantly, I comply. After another cup of tea, as I popped my shoes back on, I felt grounded. As you sadly abandon that perfect den, the zen endures.

The results: clearer mind, sounder sleep.

Meditation has a positive effect in the part of brain that controls decision making (for the science geeks that’s the frontal cortex and frontal lobe activity). Which just makes you a better person, right? 

Re:Mind has a sweet intro pack for newbies and you don’t need ant meditation experience before giving it a go. The location is just a 10-minute walk from Victoria tube station, so easy to get to.

There’s a lovely selection of eco-friendly goodies on sale, including scented candles, skincare and some strange looking but oh-so-pretty meditation parafernalia. I want one of each.

The real-life benefits kick in when the kids are back home. The evening flows at a happier pace. Not even the kids-dirty-underwear-straight-after-shower-incident that would usually drive me off the edge made me snap! Wouldn’t it be great if life was like this all the time?

(I would still give the dirty underwear a pass).

Curious about meditation? I get it. Check what what happened at my first ever meditation class here!

Go to Re:Mind and let me know how it goes!

With love,

Catarina x

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