This Woman’s Spacemasks Will Give You Your Best Night’s Sleep Ever


This woman. Her Spacemasks. This genius invention will make you drift away to outer space relaxation. When the heat starts to build up around your eyelids it’s like a team of elves with magical brooms are sweeping away your worries. Sleep fairyland, poooof….

Not that I need it or anything.

What, you haven’t heard of Spacemasks? You’re missing out, babe. Read this story to discover what all the buzz is about: The Miracle For Your Best Night Sleep !

Today’s story is about celebrating the hero next door who is making everyday lives of busy women out there a bit easier – one amazing Spacemask at a time.

Meet Harriet, SpaceMasks founder.

She belongs to that rare breed of “I-don’t-know-how-she-does-it-but-she-totally-nails-it” kind of humans. Every time I know I’m coming over to her place to gossip hard discuss important business development issues I’m already beaming with anticipation. (1) She’s shedloads of fun and (2) I’m secretly hoping to unveil the secrets behind how she pulls it off. She also makes mean chocolate chip cookies.

One of my favourite people, mum to four girls, politically incorrect multi-tasker extraordinaire with exactly the right amount of crazy.

On that crazy note, may I recommend attempting to have your photo taken on automatic whilst your eyes are covered (with Spacemasks obvs.). Or holding a small pet. Results displayed below.

Find out why Harriet created these sleeping masks, the best piece of advice she’s ever been given and how there’s no master plan for the business – just keep the good vibes flowing. Zzz. 

Me. Harriet. Spacemasks. Laughs.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Harriet: I’m a born and bred Londoner and we live next to Fulham Broadway. I lost my parents when I was young and I have 2 very entertaining brothers; one in Argentina and one in Moscow who we see often. I would never leave London. My husband and I have 4 daughters, aged 7, 9, 11 & 14 and we (I really mean I) have 2 badly trained miniature Wired Haired Dachshunds called Gretal and Strudel. We also have 3 rabbits.

What gave you the idea for Spacemasks?
I wanted something easy and super convenient to make us sit still and stop for a while. I’m guilty of racing around and never unplugging and that’s exactly what Spacemasks make you do.

Describe the ethos of your brand.
Spacemasks are quirky. They’re fun and they’re not to be taken too seriously!

Spacemask off.

What were some of your biggest challenges in starting your business?
Touch wood, I haven’t had any challenges. Finding enough hours in the day is my greatest challenge.

What are your future plans for your business?
I don’t have any. I created Spacemasks with no plan whatsoever and it’s working very well so I’m not going to rock the boat!

(Attempting) Photoshoot with Strudel.

How do you see the world changing around you?
I think people are taking better care of themselves. There are some fabulous people I’ve ‘met’ on Instagram who have made me realise what a truly wonderful community it is. Women supporting women. I don’t have enough time to spend on it but I am constantly bowled over by it.

What is your daily routine- how do you balance family life and work life?
I’m very lucky to have 4 very independent girls who are pretty self sufficient. I take the younger ones to school each day, often via the post office, and am always home to put them to bed and kiss them goodnight. They see Spacemasks growing everyday and it’s the best lesson I can teach them.

How do you relax? (Other than using one of your wonderful Spacemasks that is!)
I sleep a lot. I try to go to bed early (but often fail) and I lie in at the weekends. I don’t feel any pressure to socialise and we are at our happiest when it’s just the 6 of us chilling at home. I also make sure I go for a facial with Phillipa Benson every 6 weeks without fail. Also, having Gretel and Strudel, although noisy, is very therapeutic.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?
That most people are lazy so always do your best to make things easy for people. That way, things get done.

What’s the best part of being your own boss?
Apart from choosing my hours, I like knowing that any mistakes made are my own. Does that make me sound weird?

What is the best compliment you’ve ever been paid?
The world’s best maître d’ (Dino of Mr Chow- my favourite restaurant of all time) often asks my husband if he keeps me in the freezer. It gets me every time! My first crush, aged 13, told me I had cheekbones like Elvis. I think I fainted.

We’re all so busy and everyone feels overwhelmed and under energised at times. Spacemasks are the perfect treat to have on hand for when the baby snoozes, when insomnia hits or you’ve managed to grab half an hour to yourself. Simply pop on a Spacemask, enjoy the warmth and be in the moment.


Still not convinced? Go to and try for yourself. You’ll be hooked. In the best possible way.

For more top tips for an amazing night sleep, check 6 Easy Steps To a Perfect Night’s Sleep.

With love,

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