Top 7 Tips To Nail a Healthy(ish) Christmas Season!


This title could just as easily have been “How To Not Completely Lose It Over Mince Pies” or “Ways To Navigate Xmas without Becoming A Big, Fat, Energy Depleted Troll”.

I’m Team Christmas. Totally, 100% in.

The OTT lights up before Halloween, old men in white beards who are not child molesters, unnecessary gift wrapping accessories – I’m even listening to Mariah Carey for goodness sakes. The whole lot. LOVE.


Drinks. Panettone. Cold. I don’t feel like going to the gym. More drinks. Parents drinks. Office party. Hot chocolate. Mulled Wine. Canapes. Puddings. And don’t even get me started on the actual family get togethers.

We’re entering the food season and it’s all up for grabs – piñata style!

It doesn’t have to be all out or nothing at all, babes. A bit of old fashioned, boring, common sense helps. Reindeer antlers too.

These are my top tips to keep it under control this party season. Spoiler: you can (should) have the bubbly.

I promise “drink more water” is not on the list.

1. Greens first thing

Get your breakfast right. The rest of day may be completely out of control, but as long as you pack some serious goodness in your first meal, you’ll be fuelling your body to face those mini sausage rolls (actually, I’d probably skip those).

I’m loving this green smoothie recipe. Add a teaspoon of probiotics (like this one) for a happy gut – I’m afraid sauerkraut canapes aren’t terribly popular.

2. Don’t skip your workouts

Tempting, I know. It’s cold and you’re tired. But stick with it. Make clever choices. Instead of meeting up for drinks, make it a Pilates and brunch date. Knackered after the office drinks? Swap that spin class for some restorative yoga. Some studios are getting in the mood full swing and doing evening candlelight classes, oh so hygge. Check the Heartcore class schedule for your chill fix look for the late evening sessions.

Stay active. It releases happiness endorphins, very much in season.

3. Wear the antlers

When you’re out for drinks. The extra weight means you’re burning calories while you sip that bubbly. Fact.

4. Eat before you leave

You’re more likely to make a beeline for the mini pizzas when you’re famished. My top trick? Have a bowl of vegetable soup before leaving the house. Try this recipe for a perfect, heart-warming green packed soup. You’ll still want to have a mini pizza, of course. But it will keep you from being the person standing right next to the kitchen door, ready to surprise the waiter when he exits, tray in hand.

5. Prioritise sleep

I was born to be wild. But only until around 9pm or so. Going out twice this week? Actively plan to make the next one an early night in. Do not switch on Netflix (it’s never just one more episode, right?). It will make a huge difference on your energy levels and on your face – which you’ll need for the next evening out. Pop one of these Spacemasks on to switch off and read here for celebrity sleep coach tips to get a great night sleep.

6. Say no

Let’s face it. Not everyone loves you. Even if they did invite you their Christmas drinks. Maybe they were just being nice.

You don’t have to go to all the drinks, dinners and random pudding eating contests. One of the great things about being an adult is that you get to decide what parties you actually want to go to – mum and dad don’t get to drag you to their weird friend’s house anymore. Exercise your right to choose. It’s liberating.

7. Say yes

Have the Christmas bun, the bubbly and the mince pie. Guilt-free. Hang out with the people you love. Be present. Sometimes you just shouldn’t give a fig.

Stop worrying so much about what happens between Christmas and New Year; focus on what happens between New Year and Christmas instead.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, darlings. Wear the antlers, drink the bubbly. And sip that green smoothie.

Grinch, man – you’re so out. Loser.

Peace and love, babes.

C xo

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