I Watched Wonder Woman – 4 Things The Film Critics Don’t Tell You!


There’s a grown woman charging down the free-from aisle wearing a red leotard, blue shorts and brandishing a foam sword.

She’s not crazy. She just suffers from Wonder Woman syndrome. I’ll explain.

Have you watched Wonder Woman? Even better, have you watched Wonder Woman, at the cinema, on your own?

I did and absolutely loved it.

Before all fully fledged adults out there start thinking this was a complete waste of time, let me tell you why it’s not. In fact it’s quite the opposite. These are the 4 Things About Wonder Woman That Film Critics Don’t Tell You:

1. Going solo = FAB

The last 3 movies I watched on the cinema did not feature real people – instead I spent my time staring at animated pandas, speech-challenged tiny yellow creatures and a fish with poor sense of direction (well, at least here I can relate).

On your own there’s no compromising – move away PG, here I come, woohoo!!!

Apparently most of us think it’s weird going to the movies alone. Someone has even done some research on the subject – this is what they found out:

“When considering whether to engage in a hedonic and public activity such as going to a movie alone, individuals anticipate negative inferences from others about their social connectedness that reduce their interest in engaging in the activity*”

Ok, translation: if you’re on your own it’s because you’re a sad, lonesome loser. Stay home and stuff your face in donuts instead.

Well, I’d bet they’d get a very different result if they’d run their research on mums only…

2. Cinema = ME Time

I had totally forgotten about this (see #1). Cheaper (and longer) than a massage, those 90 minutes in a dark room full of strangers feel like a real treat.

I went a step further and took over an even darker, empty corner of the room where I could stretch my legs with no-one giving me judgmental looks.

Lights out, movie is on and your mind gets totally trapped in another world – I’m sure this qualifies as mindfulness practice.

3. SIMPLE is great

If you’re looking for a life-changing experience this movie is not for you. It will not feature on the Oscar nominee list and I’m guessing film critics had a blast at dissecting why would we need another super hero movie, packed with one-dimensional characters and how this is just another excuse to display shedloads of gorgeous women in metallic leotards.

It WILL however lift your spirits and you’ll leave the cinema room with a spring on your step – who’s in it for some simple, positive, uncomplicated entertainment? *raising hand*. Sadly, recent times have had more than their share share of doom and gloom, people – give yourself a break.

4. Strong women ROCK

This movie is about EMPOWERMENT. Finally a superhero movie with a woman as a lead character – not a bulky chap in tights.

Wonder Woman, she rules. She’s out of this world strong and takes matters in her own hands.

I’m talking quads and biceps kind of strong. Wonder Woman is a total badass – the fitness and combat training she took pushes any creature to the limit – including kickboxing, king fu, jiu jitsu, horse riding and sword fighting (your average day at the gym).

Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman served 2 years as a soldier in the Israeli army and took part in several Fast and Furious films (performing many of her own stunts) so she’s not your average pretty actress – she’s an awesome creature. Suddenly I want to barge into the kickboxing studio and start throwing some flying kicks.

Gal Gadot’s GUNS!

I also want her body (can I say this online?).

At this point someone will probably want to engage in a discussing around Wonder Woman’s choice of attire. It’s short and tight.

It is really short and really tight. Does that make you uncomfortable? Fine, I respect that. Don’t watch the movie.

*FYI, current That Fitster attire: shorts and a crop tee.*

Did I mention Gal Gadot/ Wonder Woman is also a mum of 2 girls? Now that’s some serious in-house girl power.

Gal Gadot with one of her little girls :)))

The movie also features another of my girl crushes: Robin Wright. She plays the toughest Amazon general of all times and ladies – is she amazing or what? Just watching her fight gives me goose bumps. And she just turned 50 too #lifegoals.

To sum it up: Me Time + Girl POWER Inspiration that makes you want to sweat? Nothing can beat this. Check out the trailer here:

Next time you spot a crazy woman coming down the street in red leotard and blue shorts? Out of my way people.

With love,

C xo

Ps. For the geeky stuff follow this link.

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